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Valdangelo 9 or 4

i’ll do 9 cuz middle school is fuckin hilarious

  • Nico is your stereotypical goth kid, wears all black and waaaaay to much eyeliner, and is always talking about like death and shit because he is 2Edgy
  • Leo is just a dweeb. he’s one grade up from Nico (8th) and best friends with the captain of the junior football team, which is literally the only thing that saves him from gettin his ass beat multiple times  a day. He’s a class clown and kind of an ass, but generally well liked among the student body for his ability to make a joke out of fuckin anything.
  • The two of them are constantly in detention together for one reason or another. For Nico its usually graffitti in the boys room again “Its called ART Mr. Brenner, you just dont get it”. and for Leo its usually making a rude joke at a teachers expense or building a dangerous monstrosity in shop class
  • Leo spends the entirety of every detention trying to chat Nico up because he’s the only person in the room who doesn’t look like he could kill him with his bare hands “i mean, dude have you seen Clarrise? has she been held back once? or 10 times?”. Nico at first tries really really hard to ignore him
  • But then Leo breaks out The Puns, which Nico secretly loves, and he’s got him cracking up uncontrollably in the back of the room. Nico makes him swear to never tell anyone about it “because it’ll hurt my street cred” and after that they become unlikely friends
  • They skip gym class together a lot and hang out behind the cafeteria like little hoodlums. 
  • Once Leo was able to get a couple of cigs from some older friends and He and Nico tried them together to be cool and it was literally horrible and Nico almost coughed up a lung it was so stupid
  • Sometimes they talk about their family troubles. How Leo is a foster kid, and how Nico’s mom and sister died, and thats stuff they never talk about with other people and it feels really good to have someone to talk to
  • Nico starts to realize he’s catchin feelins first and its horrible for him because his mom raised him catholic and he isn’t sure he’s okay with his sexuality but he really really likes Leo
  • He sneaks little lame ass ‘anonymous’ love notes that are so obviously from him like “i love you more than MCR and BOTDF combined” like come on child. but Leo is genuinely confused as to who is leaving him these
  • Leo is a little more oblivious to his own feelings. Jason and Piper figure it out waaaay before him and he’s just like “Oh well yeah i like Nico he’s my friend and i wanna hug him and hold his hand and kis- oh shit”
  • After that the two of them are sooooo awkward around each other and its so stupid. They still skip class together to go sit behind the cafeteria but now they just kind of awkwardly avoid eye contact and try to act nonchalant.
  • Leo confesses first, and asks Nico to go to the dance with him, and Nico only cries a little bit. They go together in those stupid tuxedo t-shirts its rlly cute
  • They have their first kiss at the dance and its the FIRST FIRST kiss for both of them so theyre really awkward and stiff and bad at it but it was AWESOME and Nico posted about it to
  • When Leo moves to the highschool next year they are both really really sad but the highschool is actually only like 3 blocks away so they see each other after school. Plus Nico gets to brag about how he has a highschool boyfriend now, which is “sooooo coool and baddass guys”


i love these losers so much and also i listend to FOB for 20 min to channel my inner middleschooler. Not Centuries, no i’m talkin Folie a Deux because that was one of my fav albums in middle school. anyway take these dweebs from me and enjoy!!!