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49, 34, 37, 17 for Opiel

49: What country was your OC born in?

A city called Celeb Öst (placeholder Sindarin name ‘cause I’m lazy) tucked waaay way way up in the north out of reach of pretty much everyone, where every single High Elf is born/dies because outsiders are disgusting and from which anybody who leaves is exiled forever

34: Is your OC religious?

one of the only parts of her High Elf heritage she hasn’t ditched is the belief in something which literally translates to “Unknowable One”. The whole belief system boils down to “something exists that is the reason for all of this, it is part of everything, it’s not paying attention to us, nobody can possibly comprehend what it is and anybody who claims to is a moron”. It’s low engagement, vague enough to avoid any dogma-based mess and makes sense to her, so it suits her just fine

37: What was your OCs first word?

17: How long can your OC hold their breath?

whatever’s average for High Elves I guess, probably above human average but not an insane length of time. It never comes up because she can’t swim

Your name is MOON MOON. You are a WOLF, and you appear to have SWALLOWED AN ENTIRE PERSON. Good job, Moon Moon.

However, you are also wearing that person’s clothes.

Moon Moon, that is not what you do on hunts. You eat the person and leave the clothes behind.


No, Moon Moon. You are not a human boy. Take off those clothes now, you look ridiculous.

Take them off, Moon Moon. Now.

See, this is exactly why we never take you anywhere.