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lotus063  asked:

Got a request: Kallus with the Doomfist from Overwatch so if he is going to die, he'll go out with a bang.

I tried for ages to draw that Doomfist, but alas, to no avail. Sorry ‘bout that. Have Kallus anyway!

Oh gosh, I hope he doesn’t die!! I’ve grown to like him! 

/I’ve never watched Overwatch, and finding a few references of that Doomfist wan’t easy… ahh sorry/

tyvian-whaler  asked:

what does ed do when he's missing hancock? like how does he alliviate it? or alternatively, what do they do when theyve been apart for a while but theyre back in the same room finally?

Edward is usually fine when he’s away from Hancock from a longer time, but he’s gotten so used to having Hancock next to him in bed that he finds it a little hard to sleep on his own, with no one entangled around him.

He actually has a button from Hancock’s coat that fell off that he carries with him as a little good luck charm, he’ll hold on to that and replay discussions they’ve had in his head, until he falls asleep.

Reuinions tend to go something like this:

Even if Ed can take care of himself, sometimes he’s a few days late to return, and no matter what, Hancock ends up worrying something has happened.