art block gone

And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.

catcreature is great

i found her yt channel like last year when she posted her RISD portfolio (bc i love risd and it appeared on my recommended) and i just. i love her so much her aesthetic is great her art is great and UGH HOW TO be great

wowie! 100+ followers! 0<0
I’m so glad my AU has interested you! thank you so much! ; v ;

I feel myself a little guilty for not uploading any content lately, so here are some sketches of Han (that look not so horrible to show lol). Tried to figure out how I wanna draw him and experimented with the styles and expressions. Also I’ve started to work on other characters designs. ‘ u ’

hope I will draw more stuff to post since I’ve almost finished with the writing part and my art block seems to be gone, yay!

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