art block!!

this is titled “i-have-art-block-and-cant-produce-anything-except-bullshit-so-here-is-a-generic-¾-view-bust-of-lance-BUT-WITH-GLASSES.png” on my laptop. 

idk this is a college au or something he’s reading a really smart astrophysics book or whatever offscreen that’s why he looks so serious it has nothing to do with the fact that I CAN’T DRAW ANYTHING EXCEPT GENERIC ¾ VIEW UNSMILING BUSTS RIGHT NOW

klance under the cut just in case some of y’all dont ship it

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I have been in a really weird art block for a while. Besides the fact that I don’t feel like I have any good ideas, everything I try just looks…wrong. Tried sketching Dakota, which was a disaster. Even sketching things I’ve drawn before is ending in frustration. 

And I feel like I can’t just ~play~ the new game because I haven’t “earned” it, whatever that means. I worked, I cleaned the kitchen, I even worked on my Hancock pop for a bit. wtelf brain.