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my bjd character, who still has no name (im open to suggestions)

yes he is a direct tribute to kaneoya sachiko’s work so before anyone says anything im just gonna put that out there rofl

the character himself is actually a human sized cyborg with a body that looks like a ball jointed doll - but he still has his human head. insert extremely cliche “edward scissorhands” style backstory lmao

WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER OH MY GOD <3 Nolluska did the best breathtaking job on her face gosh <3

So yeah, Kendra, Goddess of Wisdom is partially done - her wings need a paint job and I have Bory Zeus claws on my way :B

But she already looks so pissed at everything and espcially at Pazuzu… cause those two don’t ever get along.

@seed-arts Wol/LUTS KDF body/Soom Nor wings
Faceup: Nolluska
Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Chocodecadence
Outfif: AyuAna


Box Opening: Seed Arts Bundae

When I saw these Bundaes on’s Instagram feed, they made my heart melt. I mean, how could I—Mint—resist the delightful temptation of buying a Mint Chocolate Chip Bundae?

The day they were released I was glued to my computer, constantly refreshing the shop page in hopes I could snag one of my very own.

And somehow, I did. 💚

Please help me welcome the newest member of my resin crew: Bundae. Bundae will eventually need a name but for now we’re keepin’ it simple. I threw together a quick housewarming party for them upon their arrival today. They seem to be enjoying their new hopping grounds already, wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you for creating such an adorable work of art, @armeleia! I’m honored to own this lil’ critter and hope you (and everyone else) enjoys this fun photo shoot!


PS: I did eat a sundae in Bundae’s honor. Extra careful not to bite the wrong one, of course. 🍨

PPS: Since this cutie arrived I’ve been running around my house calling out “BUNDAE! BUNDAE! BUNDAE!” like I’m at a Monster Truck rally.

Not the most doll related post, but I was visiting a gallery full of local artisans while on vacation in the Sierra mountains, and they had this message posted in their shop. They said I could repost it. I feel the message is a great reminder and is worth spreading around :)  and also I feel it applies to those who make our beloved BJDs (from the single artist to the ‘big’ companies who still use artists to make their sculpts). Not to mention faceup artists, seamstresses and modders. This is a hobby that would not exist without artists :)