art bitte

Ich vermisse dich. Ich vermisse dich so sehr, so unbeschreiblich und langsam wird dieses Vermissen zu einem Schmerz, der unvergleichlich ist. Ich vermisse dich mit jedem Atemzug, vermisse dein Lachen, deine Stimme, deine Präsenz, deine Augen, dein Gesicht, deine Art. Dich.

Komm zurück, bitte.

haha!! yas i actually have a bit of content for my lulu blog ever since i disappeared in the abyss of whatever. I tried to re-design zaun lu~i felt that she’s something i’d like to keep around in the blog :3 but obviously i got lazy designing her and ended up with these badly drawn ones… 

i tried to make her a bit more different from classic lu tho? cos growing in zaun would have been a bit more tough compared to growing in bandle shitty or even the glade… also noticed zaun peeps like cloaks, the color green and steam punk shit – this is pretty half bakes so maybe one day i’ll come back to it? who knows.. but yeah i ditched the hoodie ;v; not much people in zaun wear hoodies not unless its a cloak. hue.

yes character design isn’t really my strength =//3//=

PS: yes my art style changed a bitt?