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20th October : “Little Bee

This was supposed to be about both of them, but I kinda got distracted by the idea of a smol John wearing a bee costume ;w; sorry;;;
But hey at least Sherlock is taking care of him well~

For @tokyoangel1000 ~ thank you, I hope this isn’t too disappointing lol

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Inktober No. 20 Dale and Ark Came ‘Pon Rumor.

So I just beat Rumor Honeybottoms from Cuphead last night. She definitely looks like she could fit in with the world I established for Dale and Ark or Lady Bug. X3

Dale and Ark © SteLomation 2017

Rumor Honeybottoms © Studio MDHR


I uhhhhh just kinda wished Fatgum stayed….yknow, fat….

if his quirk gave him a not-so-realistic body type, cool sure. He can lose the more cartoony aspects of it cause that fluff was part of the quirk but underneath could he please still be thick? I’m asking too much I know