art bees

after reading crookedstars promise i got thinking abt stormfurs name and whether that was a coincidence. like imagine one day silverstream asking crookedstar abt his name and he tells her “oh well my name was stormkit, but it got changed when i had my jaw accident” so when shes discussing kit names with greystripe she gets excited and says “we have to name one stormkit!!!” and greystripe doesnt know why but he thinks cool!!!! thats a great name. when greystripe moves to riverclan with his kits after silverstream passes away, crookedstar asks for their names and he says “featherkit and stormkit” and crookedstar just freezes. “stormkit??” “silverstream really wanted a kit to be called stormkit” and crookedstar gets really emotional and hekshd aldhfkhs ajs hhdndjs


i spent over 8 hours on a joke that isn’t even funny.


LOL guess who’s super late to Mermay???

Transformers Bumblebee Mermaid AU ~~ I said a while back that I did it and I did~~ 

Bee brings her lots of courting gifts every day like shells and stuff and sometimes a seal or two. one time a penguin Charlie had no idea where he got it. But none of them are enough to show her HOW MUCH HE LOVES HER.

Part 1 of ???