art bead



Just need to iron it.

11 hours and 10,000 beads later

Measures 22″x22″

Cuddly blasters playing in the echo flowers~ (yes, it stands up on its own!)


Thank you so much, @v0idless for allowing me to make this adorable design a reality! Gaster blasters have a special place in my heart, so I’m super happy that I got to build this  :D  I even ended up making one for myself and switched some of the base beads around so it glows in the dark  ;P

As of right now, this is totally almost the largest piece I’ve done! And by almost I mean it’s the 2nd largest. My Adventure Time mural is still the largest I’ve done.

She’s about 31″ wide by 27″ tall and used just under 9,400 beads :D

I seriously love the shading on her too. What do you folks think?

Edit: I’m garbage and it took me 65 notes to realize I forgot the credits. If you didn’t recognize the sprite right away, it’s by the amazingly talented AbyssWolf!

This morning, we’re getting a first look at the 2017 Biennial. Here’s Raúl de Nieves’s site-specific work on the fifth floor. The artist covered six floor-to-ceiling windows with eighteen “stained-glass” panels he made using paper, wood, glue, tape, beads, and acetate sheets. They create a vivid backdrop for the beaded sculptures, especially in the morning sun!

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