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Kiki and Jiji have a bakery now!
So this is my drawing for Inktober 23 and I will list this tomorrow on my Etsy store. Maybe I will release some prints of my Inktober drawings, once the challenge finishes. For more updates you can follow me on my Instagram account:


Incredibly mushy, scribbly iwaoi comic I did while taking a short break from coloring The Tale of the Demon King!!  This is what my comics look like when I don’t spend 8 hours cleaning up lineart, lol.

(I’ve eaten all these breads before… snow milk bread is just milk bread with a buncha powder sugar on top… yum)

Eddsweets is here! (Eddsworld bakery au)

Hey peeps! Cartoon/Car here! As I said earlier I was working on my own au called Eddsworld bakery au (You guys can also call it as Eddsweets)! Well, here it is. This is a post that explains pretty much everything so you guys can get what the au is about! My English and explanation might not be good so… if you have any question about it then just simply send me an ask!

I’m currently working on the ask blog so please check it out! @ask-ew-bakery-au

So in this au, we focus on these 3 bakeries. Eddsweets, Eduardoats, and RedApple.

Eddsweets is located in 27 Durdam lane. Eddsweets has this event called : This week’s special ㅡ They basically make a cake or some type of dessert that explains an eddisode. Fun Fact : They secretly sell Smirnoff.

Eduardoats is located right next to Eddsweets. Eduardoats and Eddsweets were rivals since 2010. Fun Fact : Every time customer leaves, they say “Eddsweets sucks” as goodbye.

RedApple is the most popular and recommended bakery in the au. RedApple is located really far away from Eddsweets and Eduardoats so they don’t really know who works there. Fun Fact : It is rumored that if you say something related to sunshine, lollipops and rainbows in the store you will never make it out alive.

Edd is the leader, and the main baker of the bakery. He can pretty much bake everything! He is also a good artist! He sketches designs for desserts and sweets so he can bake it later.

Tom sometimes bakes but he mostly does deliveries and keeps an “eye” on storage so Matt can’t steal food. Tom also cleans the store.

Matt is a cashier and advertiser because he has good looks (mmmm). Plus, he sucks at baking. He sometimes can’t here what other customers are saying because he’s to focused on his mirror. Matt’s favorite food might be cinnamon roll because he smells like it.

Eduardo is the boss/cashier of Eduardoats. He’s grumpy all the time but is really kind to customers.

Jon is the main baker because he’s really shy to face other people than Eduardo and Mark.

Mark is the guard/storage keeper/delivery guy. He’s popular to kids because of his chin. Mark don’t speak much.

Tord is the boss/cashier of RedApples. He’s generally rude to people (including Paul, Patryk) but people seem to like him anyways. Tord hates sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. It is rumored that he keeps his guns inside his hood. Tord is the youngest in the group.

Paul is the guard/storage keeper. Everyone but Pat thinks he has a crush on Patryk, but Paul denies it. Paul always have a cigar in his mouth, no matter his inside or outside of the building. He always has his name tag upside down.

Patryk is the guard/baker. Patryk sees Paul as his closest friend, and is a bit scared of Tord.

- This post might be edited later on. Thank you for reading such a long post everyone! :D