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“Lest a nightmare should come to the fairies’ cousin twice removed on their mother’s side.”  Color process illustration by Dugald Stewart Walker for his children’s book, Dream Boats and other Stories, published in 1920.


Display case for the week of November 20th: 

  • Bev Pike, Autobiography of an Eccentric Line ([Winnipeg]: Lives of Dogs, 2001). 
  • Tanya Evanson, The Golden Section (Vancouver, BC: Mother Tongue Media, 2001). 
  • Laszlo Lakner, Anyam Tyukja (Berlin: Rainer Verlag, 1989). 
  • Jurgen Drescher, Carte d’Arte Internazionale: Carte #3 (Messina, Italy: Antonio Freiles, 1995). 
  • Rodney Graham, Books by Rodney Graham (New York: Printed Matter Bookstore, 1990). 

“The crown, it weighs heavy
‘Till it’s banging on my eyelids

Oh who decides from where up high?
I couldn’t say. I need more time”
      -Florence + the machine, Too Much Is Never Enough

Told myself I wouldn’t draw Pink Diamond until her design was revealed if ever but I guess the hiatus got to me (shrugs)

It took me way too long to make but I’m hoping to make a speedpaint of it! 


Guys I made a book and its called Catspiracy. It’s actually available on Amazon if you good fine people want to check it out for yourself~ 

It’s a full 56 color book with tons of cats and conspiracies that I spent hours researching on the computer. Pretty sure the government is after me now after all the research I did…

The truth is Meowt there guys. Go check it out! <3

Check it out on Amazon:

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and if you don’t like or trust links, just type in: “Catspiracy’ and its the first one that pops up!

Kolivan is a famous writer, but he keeps his real identity hidden; Lance is a server at a cafe. “Marmora Blade” is Lance’s favorite author and likes to frequently talk about his books to customers. Kolivan happens to be a frewuent customer because Lance has many good ideas for future books, and eventually they get together after a few months of flirting. After a year of being established, Kolivan reveals that he is Marmora Blade and his newest book will be featuring Lance as his coweriter under the name “Blue Lion”. Lance freaks out, needless to say.
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