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Highlights from today’s Auction at Sotheby’s

details of

Ananais, Azarius, Misael, design for a window, Frederic James Shields

Tears of Heaven, design for a window, Louis B. Davis

Garnets, c.1878, Albert Joseph Moore

The Weary Moon, Edward Robert Hughes

After the Shower, 1880, John Atkinson Grimshaw

Clyde Shipping, Wet Moon, 1883, John Atkinson Grimshaw

Lady Lilith, 1867, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Orpheus and Eurydice, c.1870, George Frederic Watts


Hello everyone! :3 I’m making an art auction with this 5,5″ x 8,5″ original watercolor of Persephone.

  • Bidding starts at 30 USD
  • You can bid until Thursday 13th, 6 PM (PST time).
  • Payment via Paypal:
  • This watercolor is very colorful (although right now it’s night so the pictures don’t show it that much ^^”) and is made with a lot of love! ♥

Even if you don’t bid, by reblogging the post you’ll be helping too! I need money for my project of making HadesxPersephone enamel pins, so I’m looking forward for this to work ♥
Basquiat painting sells for $110.5 million, the most ever paid for an American artwork
A 1982 Jean-Michel Basquiat painting of a skull sold at auction Thursday night in New York for more than $110 million, the highest pric...
By Christie D'Zurilla

Congratulations Basquiat. 
You deserve it and would be proud.
Wish you were here.