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Gorillaz - Andromeda

Also inspired by @blueberry32 . I mean I drew it when I was thinking about the little Sans’ sctech.
The genocide route is the most deep and the hardest for me. In fact I didn’t pass it yet :D I just watched it in Youtube. But it’s… argh, that’s really a drama.
Megalovania for everyone, dudes.

Amalthea (Thea) is a half drow priest of the moon.

My world’s drow are a lot more old norse, more nuanced (I drop alignments in every game I run, they are weird). A proud, reserved race who worship the moon and largely keep themselves to themselves, but more on that when I’ve actually drawn some more stuff.

Thea is a travelling companion of Rukah and Sylf.

Título: “En un universo alterno… (RivaMika)”

Se suponía que este dibujo no lo tocaría hasta que después hiciera la versión EreMika y JeanMika. Pero no pude resistirme… en fin, en un universo alterno veo a Rivaille alto, y una especie de chico malo. Y Mikasa… ella es tan sexy.

Algún día haré la versión ErenxMikasa y JeanxMikasa. Algún día.

Aunque soy lenta, y tardaré una eternidad en hacerlos. Mientras, espero que les haya gustado… y si es así, no duden en darle ME GUSTA, REBLOGUEAR y comentarlo si gustan.

Advertencia: Si no te gusta esta pareja y/o personajes. Omite el dibujo y sigue con tu vida… no quiero que me armes un drama por que no tengo tiempo para tocarte una canción triste en el violín más pequeño del mundo.


Collection of Environments from my homebrew D&D world! Hoping to add more this year!

1st, 2nd are from the Oxpsindle, academic centre and university on the back of a giant golem kudu, various magical industries practise on the centre and at the base while on the beast itself the university is placed.

3rd, 4th are views of the canal city, central and outskirts.

5th is the crater city, it’s industrial might built from mining out the precious metals from a huge asteroid crater, it’s the capital of Corvatolia, a kingdom to which the Oxspindle belongs.

6th is the empress’ castle built connecting the tunnels leading to the subterranean kingdoms and those above.