art assignment 3


Here is version 1 of a comic I did for my spatial final! I chose to make a comic for 3 different versions of Little Red Riding Hood

Version 2
Version 3


[INNER MONSTER] (school assignment)
Everyone in this world has their own Patronus ( or spirit animals maybe??), and it starts to form as they turn 16, as their personalities start to stabilize.
These patronuses will only show on their reflection, as if reflecting their inner self. The form of these patronuses range from animals to monsters, taking up the shape of almost anything.
The world here also sustains a “Patronus Hierarchy System”, where usually higher paying jobs and world leaders consist of people with strong, ferocious patronuses.
Our male lead here is facing a big dilemma: He has no patronus, even though way over the age of 16.
This has brought him loads of troubles, such as being unable to land on a stable job. This has brought him to the brink of insanity, and so he pays the witch a visit, in hopes of finding out the reason to his problems.
“My patronus hasn’t turned up yet, how can this be?”
“Oh?? My dear, it has… it has” cackles the witch.
“The worst of the worst, the monster of all monsters. Your patronus takes shape of a human.”

 My final submission for my concept art class, character assignment. 3 characters -each representing a different body type- from The Mortal Engines novel by Philip Reeve. My favourite by far to design was Anna Fang, though I did love attempting to recreate Hester’s scar. 

(L-R) Chudleigh Pomeroy, Anna Fang, Hester Shaw.

Happy Extremely Belated Birthday emichama
Even though it was literally 3 weeks ago, I hope you like my present c;

You cannot convince me that jellal will re-appear without a pony tail.