art assignment 3


Here is version 1 of a comic I did for my spatial final! I chose to make a comic for 3 different versions of Little Red Riding Hood

Version 2
Version 3

In my English class my teacher is giving us a Lord of the Flies activity where we draw the contrast of Jack and Simon and I’m just like…yes, I get to draw Simon, my son

We’re also doing more activities and more than half of them are drawing so you know I’ve got this covered qwq
Tbh I think I’m the only one in my class that’s finished the whole book, no one else has even started.. :o

 My final submission for my concept art class, character assignment. 3 characters -each representing a different body type- from The Mortal Engines novel by Philip Reeve. My favourite by far to design was Anna Fang, though I did love attempting to recreate Hester’s scar. 

(L-R) Chudleigh Pomeroy, Anna Fang, Hester Shaw.

Happy Extremely Belated Birthday emichama
Even though it was literally 3 weeks ago, I hope you like my present c;

You cannot convince me that jellal will re-appear without a pony tail.