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i was thinking about ageswap/roleswap aus and while i love seeing mob as a well put-together adult, i dont think its realistic to have him that way before having a proper good influence guide him and help him with his powers. so here we have a hikikomori mob thats locked himself up when he was 15 and never really came out until he had to deal with this weird judgemental teen’s bullshit.
crazy and dumb shenanigans ensue. maybe character development, and friendship too.


Walled City 圍城

In the words of the artist Andy Yeung:

The Kowloon Walled City was once the densest place on Earth. Hundreds of houses stacked on top of each other enclosed in the center of the structure. Many didn’t have access to air or open space. This notorious city was finally demolished in 1990s. However, if you look hard enough, you will notice that the city is not dead. Part of it still exists in many of current high density housing apartments where the only view out the window is neighbor’s window. I hope this series can get people to think about claustrophobic living in Hong Kong from a new perspective.

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