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I channeled some of my rage and despair into this piece today, it helped a little. To all my sisters marching tomorrow, stay safe, be aware of your surroundings but most importantly, show them that we will not be stopped, we will not conform. This battle rages on. Stay Angry, my friends.

ARGH! I wanna watch the season two! But one, I’d like to have the subs (Allura, Coran. I love bot of you, but I watched the first episode and when you talk of the sci-fi stuff I can’t follow you two very well), and two when? 


But, of course, I already see some spoilers and Lance. I want more Lance.

“Prince X Akira”
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This was an interesting piece to work on. I remember initially having the idea for this crossover after Princes passing. Personally, I wanted to wait before paying tribute. A tribute to a musician who had a profound affect on me as a youth. I remember watching my moms coveted Purple Rain VHS in pure curiosity and wonder watching this androgynous entity thrive who seemed so confident, mysterious and mystical. All of which I kept in mind while creating this. I always try to pull from what things felt and looked (to me) like as a child and refurbish them for now. What I didn’t anticipate, is the world that ended up building itself around this image. A world i’m excited to illustrate and bring to life for you all to see. This was a huge learning experience but a fun one at that. I’m glad I can pay respect as well as say that I lived at the same time as this legend and musical genius. (The same goes for the cinematic masterpiece that is Akira) Much Love.


“protea king”

this is the flower illustration i made for percy for the MP! Kickstarter!  his flower is the protea king flower, which is named after the prophet/shapeshifter Proteus, son of Poseidon, because like Proteus the protea king flower is incredibly versatile in form and can take many different shapes, sizes, hues, and textures and has over 1400. the protea king flower can symbolize diversity, transformation, courage, and strength.