art and the heart

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

“Across the room, Viktor continued to watch Yuuri and his friend talking and laughing together.
Phichit made a comment that was drowned out in the noise of the room they were in and Yuuri laughed so hard Viktor thought there might be actual tears forming in his eyes, his nose scrunching up adorably as he did so and his voice bright and joyful.
As he laughed he shifted slightly and suddenly all the joy dropped from his face as his eyes locked with Viktor’s.”

Ughhh this part hurt me

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“I promise I will not call you stupid ever again…much!”

Second part from yesterday! Swirly gets advice and treatment from Heart; and Swirly trying to apologise to Violet without much success. Violet’s brooding game too strong, Swirly just wants to be friends!! :<

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