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@jakei95, I noticed ur submission box is, understandably, closed.

A dear friend of mine made this lovely gift for you but ALAS! She does not have a tumblr of her own, and I myself am unsure as to how else to send this to you…

So I have posted this on her behalf, with permission of course! Hope you like it! <3

And happy Underversary!

shoutout to artists w/ cutesy n round styles

shoutout to artists w/ nitty gritty dark styles

shoutout to artists who draw abstract

shoutout to artists who draw art with a naturalism style!

shoutout to artists who don’t know their style yet and are trying to improve

shoutout to young artists 

shoutout to old artists

shoutout to animators of all skill levels

shoutout to artists who draw for fun

shoutout to artists who plan to get into the art business

shoutout to all artists: y’all are still artists no matter what

In ancient Philippine mythology, Mayari is the one-eyed moon-goddess of war, revolution, beauty and strength- daughter of the chieftain of the gods, Bathala, and a mortal woman, Mayari battled with her brother Apolaki, over who would rule the earth.  

She graces the night sky with her light, and she is said to be the loveliest out of all the gods. 

This is some sort of blog notice, actually! But I wanted to draw those two, so. 

Back in track - I’m MOVING. That kind of changing house that involves package all your belongings, dissemble your furniture, repaint every wall, cry because Wifi? What’s that? Let’s hope the pub haven’t changed the password, and other little things ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ehhhhhh.

So the next two weeks (only, I hope) are going to be very full. I think I’m not going to have a lot of problems in keeping the blog updated because the whole sleeping thing and the snitchingthepubwifithing, but, from tomorrow, ask, chat and whatnot - they will have to wait! 

bye (◡‿◡✿)! 

fighting fish