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Name: Lucy
Age: 19
Country: New Zealand

Hey! I’m Lucy and I’m a second year computer science student. I’m a bit awkward and not great at introducing myself haha but I’m keen to make some new friends, email would be cool but I’d love snail mail - someone to exchange random doodles/magazine clippings/friendship bracelets and other cute stuff as well as letters would be awesome! I love reading, TV shows, movies, sleeping and trying to make pretty things in my Wreck This Journal, so if you’re keen to chat about any of that, or just random stuff like the meaning of life or what you had for breakfast this morning, hit me up :)

Preferences: Preferably someone around my age, any gender or country!

AP Biology unit 5 test tomorrow time to cram it
A lot of people seem to favor Biology over Chemistry but strangely, I seem to be an exception
Chemistry is my life
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Name: Zac
Age: 25
Country: Australia 

Hey, so I’m currently a university student in Brisbane, Australia. My majors are, French (Haven’t started my French courses just yet), Political Science and Journalism. My interests include; books, political discussion, global affairs, human rights, films (foreign, indie, the bizarre, disney etc.), writing, and exploring art galleries with no real sense of what is actually on display. I’m really interested in giving snail mail ago, especially with the exchange of postcards etc. I’m looking to do a study exchange in Lausanne, Switzerland, so it would be great to make some friends beforehand. Really just interested in broadening knowledge of different cultures and making friends for life :).

Preferences: No homophobes, transphobes, sexists, racists, or bullies. Maybe a few people who speak French, so when I start I have some people to practice and hopefully not embarrass myself with. Oh, fans of The Newsroom, The West Wing, or Frasier would be great too. Also Harry Potter.


2/4/17 I guess it’s about time I introduced myself! 

 I’m Sparrow and I’m in college studying Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior with two minors in Marine Biology and Cinema Studies. I love cats and I’m an amateur art historian (sorta) with interest in pursuing wildlife rehabilitation, science journalism, or perhaps grad school for animal behavior. I also love sharks and tigers and sea otters (and lots more animals!!!) 

My main blog is mayorsparrow which I started many years ago as an animal crossing blog and then used on and off before morphing it into Nintendo/aesthetics/studyblr/journaling. Well last week I decided to split it up and make this blog! (My theme is not very good right now because I lack the time and skills at the moment to work on it). 

I follow a lot of other studyblrs, which have inspired me to start my bullet journal this year (pictured above), but the one that helped me most get over the intimidation of journaling was @studyrose so I just want to thank her for that!

 Anyway if you want to know more about me you can just ask! Oh and my room only gets mid/late afternoon lighting so I have to figure out how to take good pictures of my journal!

There’s this really interesting 80s documentary called “The Volcano Watchers” featuring the French Volcanologists Maurice and Kaita Krafft on their first research trips to Eldfell on Heimaey, Iceland, the Hawaiian Islands, Africa, Indonesia and Japan. It’s a fascinating watch with some beautiful imagery!

VINCENT (Black Hole [Walt Disney:1979])
Quick Character Sketch

Koh-I-Noor Toison D'or #4B Graphite Pencil
Pentalic Traveler’s Pocket Journal & Sketch

I just got finished watching my DVD of ‘Black Hole’ by Walt Disney from 1979. This movie is a favorite of mine from childhood. I still enjoy this movie, and I find the VINCENT, and like robot BOB, to be my favorite A.I./Robotic science fiction characters ever created.

anonymous asked:

hi! i just saw your last post and was wondering what a career as a science writer entails?? i'm really passionate about science AND writing, but my parents don't want me to take an arts degree. i've found a double degree in science/art (best of both worlds). do you know what sort of employment opportunities i might get out of this?? p.s love your blog!! 🔬🔬

Thank you! There is actually a big section on my FAQ on science journalism!
But I suppose I have never really described what happens as a science journalist so I think I will actually write a separate post for that. Here’s a day in the life series from some science journalists who are great, but The Open Notebook sort of targets people who are already in the science journalism field. (I still highly recommend the site generally, though!)
A double major sounds cool, I guess it sort of depends on what type of art/science. I have to say that journalism is fairly different from your typical English degree, but there is some demand for talented science illustrators. Whatever you major in, if you want a chance at any type of journalism, join your campus newspaper, make it a priority, and write some kick-ass pieces for them. (Don’t accept tons of little, boring assignments.)

A very common backstory I hear for science writers is “I started out as a scientist but decided I didn’t want to focus on one type of science/spend my life in a lab, so I started writing/went to science writing grad school instead.” Very common. 9 out of 10 (one class away from 10 out of 10) of my fellow BU science journalism students had science undergrads (not me though!)


I’m almost at the point where I don’t even care what happens in the next
episode anymore but I might die of happy heartattack if they even HINT
at the Author and Fids having a thing.


21:18 30.04.15

//Exams are so close now! I have reconstructed my study planner in my bullet journal for May, and tonight created a little mind map on alcohols for my chemistry module! (I kinda ran out of space. Oopsie). Also featuring my awesome Cameronian Tea all the way from Asia just for me!//

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June 21 2016

Happy summer everyone! I’m freshly graduated from high school :)
I’ll be majoring in chemistry at UCLA this fall so I thought reviewing from my AP Chem book would be beneficial this summer considering I took AP Chem two years ago zzz…