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What is the $10 Revolution?

The $10 Revolution is an idea to transform the relationship we have to online media. The idea is this:

Set aside $10 of your budget a month. Just $10.

Then use that $10 to directly support creators you enjoy in whatever way you see fit. Maybe that means donating $1 to 10 different creators’ Patreons. Maybe that means subscribing to someone on Twitch for $5 and using the rest as a direct donation. Maybe that means giving the entire $10 to your favorite creator, and letting everyone else go.

But imagine the change if everyone set aside $10 to support their favorite online creators. If everyone who watched that tiny YouTube channel supported with $1. If everyone who read your favorite webcomic gave $1 a month.

Suddenly, an artist who has 300 fans has a legitimate source of income.

A YouTube channel with only 1000 subscribers might be able to sustain itself.

And the reliance on the ad-free model of media, where creators have to make clickbait to even have a chance of being seen, starts to end.

The $10 Revolution is not an idea, but a call to action.

Set aside just $10 a month, and ask your friends to consider doing the same.

Let’s see what we can do.


A digital illustration of the infamous French queen, for my mother’s Christmas gift.

Found on my new Redbubble store: