art and mun derp


Some latté art that I’ve done at work.

They were really fun to do and making pretty pictures is one of my favourite things to do there. It’s especially nice when little kids come in because they geek and get really cute over pictures in their hot chocolates. ; v;

The top 4 are hot chocolate etchings and the bottom two are espresso and milk for anyone who is curious. /o/

(kind of a continuation of this old comic, I’m a horrible person. Was gonna do a full comic but work)

Her footsteps were light as her robes trailed behind her. The mice bowed as she passed, the young Tsarina nodding happily in return. Clutched in her hands was a small cake, one she made herself for her husband. Though Lunar didn’t usually celebrate it, the mice had helped Sunny find it’s date according to Earth’s calendar and allowed her to use the kitchen so she could make him a treat.

The room was dark when she entered, the only light coming in from the hall. “Happy Birthday Lunar!” She said happily, holding the cake up. “I made you a cake!”

But there was no response from the Tsar. He sat there quietly at his desk, looking over pictures sprawled in front of him. Sunny frowned. “Lunar?”

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