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Venus in the birth chart

Venus enjoys and indulges in the qualities of the sign its placed. She generates the creative, soft, and feminine version of the sign she is found, expressing its lovely, endearing, and interested traits. 

Venus in Aries enjoys Aries type activities, there is tremendous delight in exploration, discovery, and exciting experience, especially when this involves other people. Venus in Aries is interested in just about anything, and finds something fascinating in each and every person, something other people have never seen or figured out before. Aries is more about justice than combat here.

Venus in Taurus relishes in the interests and talents of Taurus - creativity, music, comfort foods, sex, and relaxation. There is a substantial appreciation for life here, all of the sensualities are enriched and entrancing. There is temptation and ultimate sensation. Taurus here loves people and the delights of relationship. They love making and spending money.

Venus in Gemini enjoys doing anything Gemini - talking, meeting new people, slicking around the little city, learning, and reading. They may especially enjoy reading magazines and social media. It is important for the individual to keep connected. The social butterfly of Gemini is activated here. Communication is the beginning of relationship.

Venus in Cancer indulges in what Cancer appreciates - family, deep connections, dreamtime, stories, and cooking. Cooking may be the way they share their love to everybody. They enjoy taking on the mothering or guardianship role, to beyond biological children, they often appreciate being teachers and caring for animals. 

Venus in Leo love the essence of self. Leo is a sign known for its love of self. But Venus in Leo wants other people to love them. They absolutely relish in the midst of affection, praise, intimacy, and tenderness. Leo is a sign of creativity so Venus in Leo is a natural artist, they can find and generate the creative and colourful aspect of just about anything.

Venus in Virgo appreciates and enjoys the altruistic and selfless aspect of Virgo - being of help to others and offering guidance. They also delight in all architecture of the mind and learning where possible. The individual seeks satisfaction in being of genuine assistance to others 

Venus in Libra relishes in participating in all the loves and qualities of Libra - love, devotion, connection, communion, and making art out of intimacy. The person loves friends and the natural delights of life, especially if these are shared. There may be a liking for sugary confectionary and playing with their appearance and personal style 

Venus in Scorpio loves Scorpio type activities - investigation, calculation, science, the paranormal, intimacy, and sex. Scorpio here focuses on the natural enchantment of relationships and the unseen chemistry and electricity it seems to conjure. Benefic Scorpio qualities are expressed through the healing powers they offer to other people.

Venus in Sagittarius absolutely aches to engage in the life of Sagittarius - travel, escape, knowledge, learning, and connection. They build a relationship with every place they travel and every person they meet. Above all they are interested, and to kiss the universe as much as they can.

Venus in Capricorn is appreciative of the Capricorn’s purpose and talents, they enjoy the esteem and security of work, they enjoy the relationships they build with others and watching the success of other people. They put their hearts into whatever they can contribute.

Venus in Aquarius loves getting amongst the life and joys of Aquarius - spontaneity, friends, connecting with other people, global communion, and anything obscure and out of the ordinary. The internet is a place they love to express themselves, and they enjoy the fun of experimenting with appearances and personal style.

Venus in Pisces is a lover of the Pisces dream - ultimate indulgence, loss of self, drugs, alcohol, music, trance, sex, union, and spirituality. They genuinely appreciate helping other people and having the sensitivity to do so. They enjoy the strange and psychic activities of Pisces and may be drawn to these qualities in other people.








The intimacy is not in the big things, but in the small things. Intimacy is not in who you have sex with or even who kisses you the most passionately. No, intimacy is in the first time you open up to each other. Intimacy is the way the dim lighting of a lamp post passes over your beloved’s face when they tell you that they sometimes wonder if anyone is ever really happy. Intimacy is the tears that you cry whilst talking about how your dad was never around when you were a kid and your mom tried so hard to make it work but failed each time and how your biggest fear is that some day that will be you. Intimacy is the way their face lights up when you say that you’ll always be there for them. Intimacy is the first time you allow them into your room, and how scared you are because hardly anyone knows that you’ve collected horse figurines since you were twelve years old. It’s the first time they let you into their room, and how your eyes pass over their collection of stuffed animals and the way you want to pick through all of their books and DVDs until you’ve memorized all the art they love most. Intimacy is the side long glances you toss one another when something reminds you of an inside joke. Intimacy is how you both hold back laughter because you’re in a public place, and the way you lean against each other laughing when you finally get the chance, guts splitting and eyes watering. Intimacy is how your eyes follow each other across the room and the sly grins you throw one another that no one notices. Intimacy is the late night car rides, the headlights from passing cars illuminating your features and music playing and that feeling that you could live forever if you could just stay in that moment. Intimacy is the way they know just how to make your tea and how you hate the smell of coffee but make them their cup each morning because you know they need it to function. Intimacy is how they lean their head against your shoulder while you’re watching TV together. Intimacy is the way your head falls on their lap and they absently play with your hair whilst reading. Intimacy is the one thing you know not to bring up in a fight. Intimacy is seeing someone at their worst and not giving up on them. No, intimacy is not sex. Rather, intimacy is the moments you scarcely notice because they seem so insignificant. But mostly intimacy is simply sticking around.
Intimacy Journal Prompts

I recently started an intimacy journal as a way to work through some of my hang ups with intimacy/sexuality - so, naturally, I came up with some prompts for it, which I have yet to really delve into myself, but I figured I’d go ahead and share the ones I’ve come up with thus far for safe-keeping, and because I think some of you might find them useful, too. 

This particular set focuses on the sexual/romantic aspect of intimacy more so than the general human connection aspect, and it’s very much geared toward art journaling in addition to written journaling.

  1. What is intimacy to you?
  2. Illustrate intimacy.
  3. List some non-sexual acts of intimacy.
  4. Describe your idea of a fulfilling intimate encounter. 
  5. What does sex mean to you?
  6. Illustrate sexuality/eroticism.
  7. Illustrate femininity/yonic energy.
  8. Illustrate masculinity/phallic energy.
  9. List some turn-ons and/or fantasies.
  10. Describe your idea of a fulfilling sexual encounter. 
  11. Illustrate a vagina.
  12. Illustrate a penis. 
  13. Illustrate orgasm. 
  14. What is love to you?
  15. Illustrate love.
  16. Illustrate your and/or an ideal lover.
  17. Illustrate yourself in all your vulnerability.
  18. List some varying acts of love. 
  19. Describe your idea of a fulfilling partnership.
  20. In what ways can you cultivate more intimacy in your life in general and/or relationships in particular? 

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that I created these for personal use - they’re not meant to exclude anyone or in any way imply that intimacy cannot be experienced outside the bounds of sexuality. 


some current works in progress! the one on the left is basically what the beginning stages of one of my drawings looks like. i thought it might be cool for you guys to see what my initial light pencil lines are like before i finalize them with darker pencil and scan them in to color. i’ve been posting process stuff like this on my instagram lately (my handle is f0x_meets_w0lf) so if you want to see more WIPs more often, feel free to follow me over there!

#Choicescreates 6 “Passion led us here” 

I’m not shipping them to death but no one can say they do not make an adorably sensual couple ! Becca is an interesting study moreover! 

Passion led Mc and Becca to that one night thing and passion is quite interesting as it could be either love or hate and in their cases it was first hate then something in between affection and need - not love yet!  😊

I played on the ambiance to draw something intimate without all the intimacy it requires because frankly I’m not ready to go there  😂

For those who ships them good! for those who do not well don’t worry you are entitled to ship them or not ! 

I am aware I spammed you a lot lately with Chris and Zig’s artwork (and I plan on spamming you more in the following days not sorry :’) but it’s nice to change once in a while ! :D 

I hope you like it !  😊

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