art and i have such an emotionally abusive relationship

Kestrel was among Scarlet’s most loyal soldiers… I can totally picture Scarlet having a ton of fun leading a younger, more naive, more loyal Kestrel along just for kicks, then dumping her out like the trash when she’s done with her.  I MEAN, they do act like jilted exes around each other in TDP.

Three moons, this would be such an unhealthy ship; abusive, even, when you take Scarlet’s power and tendency to emotionally abuse everyone around her into account and Kestrel’s hero worship of her in this AU. Kestrel may be awful, but even she doesn’t deserve this. 


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Dylan and Jackson are goals. The support, devotion and adoration they have for each other is amazing.

Yeah, I used to ship Jaaron and looking back on it I ask myself what I was thinking, lol. It was such a toxic and borderline abusive (emotionally, not physically) relationship. Aaron lied and cheated and treated Jackson like shit. Dylan adores Jackson, he supports him and encourages him with his art, Jackson in return encourages Dylan to play more piano. They get each other and I believe they connect on a spiritual level, sure they definitely find each other hot (obviously, lol), but it’s so much more than that. They make such a good couple because although different they are a great match, they listen to each other, they’re there for each other. It’s such an amazing and beautiful relationship. Aaron was more puppy love, and although cute this relationship is healthier, more adult and Dylan treats Jackson way better than Aaron ever did. I don’t use the word soulmates a lot, I don’t know if Dylan and Jackson are, but it kinda seems like it sometimes. I wonder a bit about their future though, because of the long distance thing and Dylan going to college. Even if Jackson ends up moving to NY they will have very different experiences. I hope it’ll work out for them though, I really do. They make such a cute couple, it’s nice to see young people in love. 

Dear Secret Mutant Letter

Hello, my lovely Secret Mutant!

Thank you so much for participating this year and thank you lots for taking your time to look this up. I really do appreciate it!

I know the prompt I gave this year may sound a bit serious, but please feel free to steer it whichever way you like! It could be angst (with happy ending please?) fluff, crack or even downright smut! Honestly, a bit of everything and anything will do. 

YES please

Emotionally constipated Erik
Protective and preening Erik
Charles being an absolute darling and a BMF at the same time
Wit, repartee & an intense debate (their version of verbal coupling)
Mutual respect and pining

Not so much
Abusive relationship
Gore and torture

Again, thank you so much for doing this! You don’t have to strictly follow my list. I only want you to have fun with it! And if you’re an artist, don’t worry about telling the whole story in your art. Just a single scene or two would do. 


Broken But Not Bruised (listen here)
A playlist of those who are/have been in emotionally abusive relationships with anyone in their life and are trying to escape.

Cover art by agnes-cecile on deviantart

Metric- Black Sheep | Versa Emerge- Fixed At Zero | Apparitions- Burn Alive | A Day To Remember- Better Off This Way | Beyonce- Beautiful Liar | The All American Rejects- Walk Over Me | Sia- Elastic Heart | Motionless in White- Unstoppable | Mew- RepeaterBeater | Carpark North- Leave My Place


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every relationship i have had before has been emotionally toxic and mutually destructive if not outright abusive. i am currently tentatively dating someone who is good people and cares for me and my mental shit, but every time we try to work through issues my first reaction is to get scared and reach for the examples of my past partners in how to navigate life/love. and i’m worried i don’t know how to handle healthiness anymore.