art and i have such an emotionally abusive relationship

Broken But Not Bruised (listen here)
A playlist of those who are/have been in emotionally abusive relationships with anyone in their life and are trying to escape.

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Metric- Black Sheep | Versa Emerge- Fixed At Zero | Apparitions- Burn Alive | A Day To Remember- Better Off This Way | Beyonce- Beautiful Liar | The All American Rejects- Walk Over Me | Sia- Elastic Heart | Motionless in White- Unstoppable | Mew- RepeaterBeater | Carpark North- Leave My Place


01/02/2015 17:02:46  

every relationship i have had before has been emotionally toxic and mutually destructive if not outright abusive. i am currently tentatively dating someone who is good people and cares for me and my mental shit, but every time we try to work through issues my first reaction is to get scared and reach for the examples of my past partners in how to navigate life/love. and i’m worried i don’t know how to handle healthiness anymore.


So I found someone who thinks degrading the people around her is fun when she’s angry. She literally trashes the house and gets mad when you ask her to clean up after herself, which provokes her into breaking things that aren’t hers. She shits all over people who have been nothing but nice to her, she disrespects her family, and gets away with it all. She mocks fat people and thinks making fun of challenged people is funny. She physically and verbally abuses her family and is even worse to her partner, and she has a 1 year old that she is encouraging to hate her partner. Completely unprovoked she made a comment about my best friends weight because “Well someone needs a wake up call”. I seriously hope someone knocks some sense into her. So her number is 352-293-5619.