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  • Biology
  • Creating a Race (2)
  • Creating Animals (2)
  • Disease (2)
  • Ecosystems (2)
  • Evolution (and Space)
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Genetics
  • Inventing Species
  • List of Legendary Creatures
  • Night Vision/Color Vision
  • People

Constructed Language (Conlang)

  • Basics/Phonology (2) (3)
  • Conlang
  • Conlang Guide
  • Conlang vs. English
  • Creating a Language (Revised)
  • Culture + Language
  • Curse Words
  • How to Create Your Own Language
  • How to Create a Language
  • IPA Pronunciation
  • Making Up Words

Culture Guides

  • 7 Deadly Sins
  • Alien Cultures (2)
  • Alternative Medieval
  • Avoiding Cultural Appropriation
  • Avoiding Medieval Fantasy (2)
  • Avoiding One-Note Worlds
  • Avoiding Utopia
  • Change (2)
  • Class/Caste System (2)
  • Culture
  • Designing Intellectual Movements
  • Everything (2) (3)
  • Fantasy
  • Gender-Equal Societies
  • Historical Background for Ideas (2)
  • History
  • Matriarchy (2)
  • Nationalism
  • Nations
  • Slavery
  • Static World
  • Structure
  • Wandering Peoples


  • Basic Economics
  • Capitalism
  • Currency (2) (3)
  • Current Global Economies
  • Economic Systems
  • Economics (1500-1800 AD)
  • Economics and Government
  • Economics for Dummies
  • Economy
  • Inflation
  • International Trade (2)
  • Marxist Communism
  • Medieval Economics
  • Schools of Economic Thought
  • Socialism (2)
  • Types of Economic Systems
  • World Economy (2)

Everyday Life

  • Art
  • Ceremonies
  • Clothing
  • Clothing Terminology (2) (3) (4)
  • Clothing Reference
  • Demographics
  • Disease
  • Drugs
  • Education (2)
  • Fame and Infamy
  • Family
  • Food (2)
  • Food Timeline
  • Immigration/Emigration
  • Literature
  • Marriage
  • Months
  • Music
  • Sex
  • Slang
  • Stories
  • Travel


  • Collective/Traditionalist Societies
  • Creating a Government
  • Diplomacy
  • Empire (2)
  • Fancy Latin Names for Government
  • History and Politics
  • International Relations (2)
  • Justice System
  • Lawlessness
  • Non-monarchical (2) (3)
  • Oppressive Government
  • Political Ideologies
  • Propaganda
  • Republic
  • Rise and Fall of Civilizations
  • Secret Societies
  • Shapeshifter Society
  • Totalitarianism, Atmosphere Necessary For
  • Tribal Society
  • Types of Government
  • Utopia
  • Writing Politics

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best zodiac careers

Mars in 1st - leadership roles that require energy. Politics, sales, TV presenter, rescue worker, military.

Mars in 8th - self employment and leadership roles that require compassion. Entrepreneurship, archaeology.

Venus in 2nd - high-end markets and uses stubbornness as an advantage. Sales, management, receptionist, engineer, programmer.

Venus in 7th - socially interactive and aesthetic. Dance, host, design, landscaper, negotiator.

Mercury in 3rd - communication. Writer, journalist, technical support, media, advertising.

Mercury in 6th - planning and analytical roles. Event planner, teacher, architecture, statistician, editor.

Moon in 4th - relaxed and gentle. Gardening, small shop owner, social worker, childcare, CEO, real estate.

Sun in 5th - energy, creativity, where personality benefits role. Childcare, film producer, creative arts teachers, performer, entertainment.

Pluto in 8th - in-depth seeking. Psychology, investigator, law, researcher.

Jupiter in 9th - come-and-go, flexible. Philosophy, coaching, tour guide, translator, air plane host/hostess, pilot.

Jupiter in 12th - flexible and creative. Arts teacher, after-school teaching, animal training.

Saturn in 10th - authoritative roles. Management, IT work, admin, doctor, financial adviser.

Saturn 11th - authoritative and satiates curiosity. Science, inventor, aviation, robotics.

Uranus in 11th - compassionate and unusual. Astronomy, social worker, pilot, historian.

Neptune in 12th - creative and empathetic roles. Youth worker, veterinarian, design, nursing.

10th house ruled by:

Aires - anything that requires variety, creativity, and energy. 

Taurus - anything well paid and requires detailed planning and leadership. 

Gemini - anything with change, multitasking, fast paced, mentally stimulating. 

Cancer - anything that uses compassion and sensitivity, where they can work on their own. 

Leo - anything that allows you to feed your ego and be seen by the world.

Virgo - anything that requires a lot of detail, remaining in the crowd. 

Libra - anything that requires convincing words and acquiring and maintaining partnerships. 

Scorpio - anything that requires exposing the truth, and is challenging. 

Sagittarius - anything that allows travel, flexibility, and fun. 

Capricorn - authoritative positions, long term and allows stability.

Aquarius - anything in charity organisations and has public association.

Pisces - anything that requires creativity, aesthetic items, and empathy. 

Aspects: Trine or Sextile

Midheaven / Ascendant - people and crowds, where your outer personality is important and used to your advantage. A great placement for large industries where you’ll be well known. Musicians, actors, authors, news reporters and TV hosts. Look above at your rising sign.

Midheaven / Jupiter - look above Jupiter in 9th and 12th, and which sign your Jupiter is in.

Midheaven / Sun - look above at Sun in 5th

Midheaven / Mars - indicates passion. Look above at Mars in 1st and 8th.

Midheaven / Saturn - career related. Look above at Saturn in 10th and 11th. 

Midheaven / North Node - karmic or life path. Look above at the sign your Node falls in.

Sun / Jupiter - fortune comes to you through the sun. Look above at Sun in 5th.

Sun / Saturn - talents in career are indicated in the sun. Look above at Sun in 5th.

Saturn / Jupiter - career and fortune work together look above at the signs that rule the houses containing your Saturn and Jupiter.

(note: sextiles indicate more of a passion and drive, whereas trines indicate a more natural and unaware talent - I also suggest looking between your MC and AC because I would consider aspects between MC and either your AC or Jupiter to be the most important)

Let’s Redesign Mida Rana

I’m not even going to get into the ridiculous name thing, but here is my proposition for a redesign of Mida Rana. 

I gave her a longer skirt, still keeping with the red and black color scheme, and made her look less like a hentai poster. Another change that’s kind of hard to see is the dark circles under her eyes showing her age and exhaustion. 

Mida Rana in the game has two main purposes. The first is that she’s sexually promiscuous rival, and the second is that she has a position of power over Ayano, making it difficult to manipulate her and overpower her. I’ve found a way to incorporate this into the game without her being a pedophile. 

My idea for Mida Rana is at some point in the past she has had an affair with Taro/Taeko’s father. Their father called off the affair. Now she’s a substitute at their school, and is seeking revenge on Taro/Taeko for her own emotional issues and taking it out on Taro/Taeko. She does this by constantly emotionally degrading Taro/Taeko and failing their work. Instead of making advances at Taro/Taeko, she’s a terrible teacher.

This would not only have a severe effect on Taro/Taeko’s wellbeing, but would also affect Hanako. How much she trusts you, how she talks to her sibling, how easy she is to manipulate can all be affected by the family drama with Mida Rana.

Now this next portion will be a lot of technical stuff about her in-game, you can stop reading if you want.


If you do not interrupt their interactions, the end result is Taro/Taeko getting a failing grade in school and dropping out. Some interaction ideas are:

  • Being sent to detention over not completing school work
  • Mocking them for past trauma (ie: if Osana was expelled she mocks them for being a bad student like their friend)
  • Mocks them for how they behave outside of class
  • Threatens to fail them

This would build a healthy hatred of Mida Rana without her being a pedophile. People hate unfair teachers, and this would wear down on Taro/Taeko over time.

Elimination Methods:

Mida Rana with this new version has a vast variety of new and interesting potential elimination methods. With a messy entanglement in Taro/Taeko’s family you can uncover some history about Taro/Taeko and their family. 

  • Eliminated by exposing her to the student body: taking pictures of her degrading Taro/Taeko, getting students to walk in on her verbal abuse. For this elimination method you need to have a high reputation and have missed very few classes otherwise no one will believe you. This is the elimination method with the most positive effects as the student bodies and teachers will praise you, but Mida will become more and more secretive with her abuse over time and it will be more and more difficult to record her. She may even send you to detention if you interrupt her enough. 
  • Eliminated by exposing her affair: This requires you steal Mida Rana’s phone, solve the password with the help of the gaming or science club, find the text messages from Taro/Taeko’s father and Mida, and then send this information to a person of your choice, who you send it to affects the outcome, and some characters would require additional evidence. this would be extremely difficult, as it involves stealing a phone from a teacher and breaking into said phone. 
    • Expose to Taro/Taeko: They will not believe this without additional evidence, such as video footage of them both flirting at a local bar??? But this will still damage their emotional stability. Taro/Taeko will lash out at the abuse from Mida Rana
    • Expose to Taro/Taeko’s mother: She will not tell her children but will be outraged with both her husband and the teacher, getting the teacher fired for harassing her child. But inherently she wouldn’t trust Ayano, as there is some negative history surrounding her mother… It would take some convincing and positive acts to get her to listen to you, or you could plant the evidence…
    • Expose to the Guidance Counselor: Best option but very difficult as you will need to have extensive proof as well. This would result in Teachers being more heavily monitored, and potentially security cameras in classrooms.
    • Expose to Mida: Blackmailing Mida will have her instantly be outraged, but her attacks on Taro/Taeko will stop, instead all of her focus will be placed on you, trying to expose your dubious actions to the guidance counselor and principal. This would severely alter her routine to be much more erratic giving you specific opportunities to murder her violently.
  • Eliminated by confronting Taro/Taeko’s father: This elimination requires a disguise and a lockpick. This would require you stalk taro/taeko home, figure out what time their father arrives home while not being noticed by Taro/Taeko and their family. Break into their house while everyone is asleep, confront Taro/Taeko’s father in their office about the affair. He will be desperate to cover up his past interactions with Mida and you convince him to call and meet her at a location that you must discover in the town. This would be a great opportunity to catch her by disguise and frame the father.

Effects on Taro/Taeko and Hanako:

Taro/Taeko would have a severe mood shift depending on how this turns out. If Mida is fired quietly they will be ecstatic and have a mood shift. If the affair is displayed publicly they will become less trustworthy of authority figures. If their father is arrested for murder it will have a severe negative affect on their emotional health. 

Hanako will also be easier or more difficult to eliminate depending on her family’s social standing after this elimination method. If the affair is known there will be more instances of her without a crowd, if her father is arrested she will become more paranoid and not travel alone. This rival will change Hanako’s routine.

Feel free to add any other ideas! I’m sure some of these have issues, plot holes, etc that I’m too tired to notice right now!

Bonus: Here are my designs for Taro/Taeko’s Mother and Father


I’m working on a little project where the Breakfast Club are redesigned as poc! If these are meant to be universal characters that face relatable challenges and adversity set by social standards, then I thought it’d be interesting to see a diverse, modernized cast that have their backgrounds reflect their struggles. This is still in the early stages so stuff is likely to change, but I’ll probably be doing more of this in the future, maybe with other 80s movies!

with everything going on right now, you need a proper understanding of shit like climate science, fluid dynamics, architecture, art, perspective, 3d printing, social justice intersections, botany and so much more to get a right picture of how the buildings of today should look in reference to increasing environmental violence by way of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and the climate change destruction its placed on the planet. ive been working my way to this task but there’s so much to still learn in order to have a worthwhile say and action in this. im still putting in work and study to put myself in this position of clear design thinking with nature in mind. but it’s really hard with the rest of the world fuckin fallin apart and shit.

Follower Friday: lawrsaysrawr

Follower Fridays is a series of profiles highlighting members of Gaysian Third Space to showcase the diversity of gaysians in the Community. This week’s featured member is @lawrsaysrawr.

Who are you?

My name is Lawrence and I’m a 27 year old, first generation Filipino-American. In my spare time I like to play games, draw, hike, explore cities, eat out, and take pictures with my phone.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. (Concord -> San Jose -> San Francisco)

What do you do?

I’m a toy designer for an eco-friendly toy company called, Green Toys.

I got into it after graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from SJSU. I originally thought that I wanted to do something in the medical field, but I stopped that midway through my third year in college. Even though it took a while, I’m happy with where I am now.

What are you passionate about?

Currently, I’ve been really involved in listening to what’s going on out in the world and finding my voice. I think it’s really important to stick together as a community to fight and protect each other, but I also think it’s important to do your research before jumping in.

In general, I love critiquing art/design, but not in a condescending way. I just love learning about the stories behind the design or art piece. It’s really inspiring to see people doing things that they’re passionate about.

What is your dream job (real or fantasy)?

I want to build my own streetwear brand. Maybe start with cool backpacks and bags and see where I go from there. I loved my soft goods class in college, but I haven’t gotten around to making a bag in a while. I really have an itch to create.

If you could change the world with one idea, what would it be?

I think it’s important to be socially conscious. If people were more aware, we would be in a better place. We often overlook the things we can’t see.

anonymous asked:

May I have headcanons on what it would be like being married to Akira, Ryuji, and Akechi, please and thank you.

Because this fits so well with those wedding HCs I had for the Phantom Boys I’m gonna include Yusuke too (and maybe, just maybe because I have a special place in my heart for soft art boy)

Akira, after abandoning his (incredibly long) run as a bachelor and finally tying the knot, is much less reckless and rebellious. He’s still flashy as hell with everything he does, but when making decisions his priority lies with his spouse and children (ask me separately for my HCs on what kind of children he’d have even tho my ask box is closed I will answer that one). He and his S/O are equally as busy, so no one is really a “stay-at-home” type of spouse, but Akira is more likely to end up taking care of his S/O rather than the other way around. He cooks and cleans, but his S/O takes care of logistics such as buying a house and taxes. They’d probably live in a small but decked out condo, with things such as voice commands throughout the house (thanks Futaba). They’d also travel a lot before having children, touring the world and taking in the views before truly settling down. They vlog their whole experience and post them on Youtube for their friends to see. Also they have a separate savings account solely for opening a cafe of their own one day. Morgana is thriving and will continue to thrive alongside them throughout their marriage.   

Ryuji, like Akira, is less reckless but by a LONG SHOT. He and his S/O’s first priority would be kids; they’ve wanted them for so long. The two would work extra hard to make funds for a decent house and prepare for children, possibly working multiple jobs at a time. It would be rough at first with a lot of disconnect and exhaustion (at one point to save as much money as possible they live in a hotel for a while), but once they get a house and move in, it feels like a gear has clicked in and the cogs have begun to turn. Ryuji would be the first to quit his jobs and take care of the children while his S/O would continue with their job and provide income for the family. Their house would be a cluttered but clean countryside house large enough to hold entire family reunions (to which they do! with the Phantom Thieves of course) where their children would be able to run around as much as they like (Ryuji once his children are old enough to take care of themselves becomes a high school track coach part time). He and his S/O actually take up gardening and have a mini little farm going on in their courtyard. They give some to neighbors whenever there’s a surplus.  

Yusuke after getting married wouldn’t change much, as well as the lifestyle he and his S/O had been living in for a while now (his S/O moved in with him before they even thought about getting married). A sleek and modern apartment complex in the big city, Yusuke and his S/O work from home, and it’s up to S/O to take care of Yusuke. He does this thing where he’s so concentrated on his next piece he forgets basic human needs such as eating and drinking (his S/O got him one of those “paint water” and “drinking water” cups and he still drinks from the paint water accidentally). He takes them with him on his art expos all around the world, and when they’re there they always put aside time to be with each other. Children is a bit of an unspoken topic for the two in their first couple years of marriage, but that eventually changes as children become a more relevant topic in Yusuke’s social life. He actually goes on to create an art school of his own and after taking in students he realizes that he does want children and rushes home right away to tell his S/O that. After that they move into a modern house he and a fellow architect helped design and he was in charge of all the home decor. 

Akechi is similar to Yusuke in that nothing really changes drastically in his personality or lifestyle after getting married. His S/O had already been living with him before they got married, and children would be a topic neither of them would want to talk about for a long time. But he and his S/O do move to the suburbs to isolate themselves a bit more from the bustle and hustle of Tokyo. His S/O and he originally both worked and were not in the house often until it became a problem when the two were too tired to even talk to each other after work, so Akechi’s S/O ended up quitting their job after some debate. The two became a lot happier after that change, and Akechi eased into the idea of having a child. They go on vacation when they have the chance, and enjoy living a quiet life rid of struggle for power and all that jazz. They have each other, and that’s all that matters. They do get a couple of pets over the course of their marriage, including a dog, multiple cats, a bird, and an aquarium full of fish and coral. Per his S/O’s request, Akechi also takes up cooking and has a blog for it online. It gains more traction than he thought. 

buildingbooks  asked:

Do you have any anime styles or artists that you feel have influenced you?

I do…! I probably can’t remember all of them from the top of my head, but I will list the most significant in chronological order!

Yadamon (it’s a cute little witch anime)
Digimon Adventure   
CLAMP (namely Cardcaptor Sakura)
Koge-Donbo (Digi Charat/Pitaten/Tiny Snowfairy Sugar)
Fullmetal Alchemist (the Squeenix production was animated beautifully)
Kurot (I loved her art way back during my DA days)
Galou (a French artist who used to work at Gaia)
Fujishima Kousuke (his Tales game character designs)
Avatar: the Last Airbender 
my boyfriend @overlordJC hehe

Now it’s been little sprinkles of a huge variety of artists I follow on social media. I don’t go through heavy style changes anymore but I’m trying to hone the one I ended up with and still taking in bits and pieces of everything around me. :)
Unique and Nightmarish Charge of Demonic Sexuality
[Warning: Blog is 18+, dark in theme, frequently NSFW, potentially triggering. Please heed the...

Hello, everyone! The “dark and forbidden” Fannibal blog has been created! 

The blog is currently empty, but not for long- I am actively searching for and adding content right now, so any recommendations for fics, art, gifs, videos, etc that match the theme are very welcome, including self-recs! The design is simple, but may change as the blog grows. Please read the blog description for more info. Everything will be tagged. Any ideas for blog construction or ease of navigation, please let me know! 

@tiersein @hattukissa @the-cookie-of-doom @carpenoctiis @social-antisocial @begintoblur @lovecrimemp3 @miasmatik @cannibalcuisine @le-wendigogo @a-freak-brainstorm @hetaliafangirlchan @khaaaaaaaaaan @movieexpert1978 @mightyzimstoleasonicscrewdriver @samui-sakura88 @funkyracoon @hannabellegraham @sapphicnebulas @akumaalu @theplains-bitterdancer @raven-feathered-nightmare-stag @haydensgore @hildezart @llamas-for-president @crimsondragonflies @gay-ship-ruin-my-life @sinnersandsapphics @tired-eyes49 @ri0tangel @krey-9-jorce @blind-inviting-alleys @phantomhivetitan @raimasemanticline @accio-sodium @daughter-of-the-nonexistent @wolftraptobaltimore @pokemonsnapchat @kikyo0chan @whreflections @mewsifer @blackkingsdream @galrasoldier-x7 @cinnamaldeide @fhimechan @brief-interface @hanfangrahamk @the-winnowing-wind @felidfannibal @cannedtalent @matildaparacosm @graham-muffin @mxpopsiclestix @dine-on-the-rude @waywardstarkid @libranstore @vulcanplomeeksoup @thezannyx @viovivio @purplesocrates @super-queer-hannibal-obsession @nephila-main-blog @feyestwords @vampireinvitations 

Pulled Thoughts Regarding Supergirl’s Cast’s SDCC Behavior

I posted a little about this on Twitter this morning, and I’ve been talking both online and offline to a few friends about this throughout today, and I wanted to pull together everything I’ve been saying about this situation and how it applies to the big picture of media with regard to LGBTQ+ representation and fan treatment.

This is probably going to read more like an essay than my typical rants, but I’ve been in fandoms for a long time, and I’ve been blessed (if you can call it that) to see how things work from both the network’s side and the fandom’s side, so I’m going to throw in my two cents here.

But, just in case, the TL;DR for all of this is simple: Nothing will get better until everyone on all sides are educated on how things work and why things should and/or shouldn’t be said or done starting with networks teaching their actors and showrunners how to appropriately engage with their fandoms.

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Real talk about “alternative art websites”

If you’ve been part of the artist community for at least a decade, you’ve seen empires crumble, new nations build, societies forge, but most importantly you witnessed the death of blogging and the birth of “Social Networks”.

Remember the times where NewGrounds and deviantArt where the GO TO art for artist to share and network their artwork and services? But then several things happened. NewGrounds parted into a sort of unwelcoming platform, which was appealing more of an animators’ demographic. While deviantArt suffered the worst kind of expansion it could’ve suffered. It got insanely popular, hundreds of people flooded the website with really uncomfortable to watch fetish art, as well as hundreds more started to use it as a community of trolling, memes, etc. It branched itself very hard.

This in addition to the website decided to implement some shady TOS, services (such as points as a currency) and many design changes that just made the experience a lot worse for its users.

Professional artists saw no more it as a safe place to branch their artwork into the industry; so, they moved into different platforms, such as Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. And while none of this were designed for art.

The social elements of this created a quickly growing community that allowed it to become profitable for artists to advertise their artwork in these platforms.

Then the era of social networks and microblogging began. Why this affected artist? Because it changed the AUDIENCE bests interests. Audiences were dragged into platforms easier to use, and platforms where they would have more freedom to interact with other members who were not necessarily part of a specific community.

This was the end of an era. An era where people would “Follow a specific content creator”. And it began an era where people would SHARE the same platform as this content creator.

An era of social networking.

So, where we are now?

Few professional artists use deviantArt, it’s still a popular website, but it’s a common opinion that it is really difficult to get an income out of it. There are similarly designed websites whose target is to appeal to more specific demographics, introduce FurAffinity, Weasyl, Hentai-Foundry, etc.

It’s hard to say without proper statistics, but it’s very safe to assume that today MOST artists use a combination of the following social networks:

Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.

And while NONE of these networks is designed for art sharing, in fact all of them compress your original files. People still use them.

Why? Because these are social networks BUILD to ease the possibility of exposure to its users. They implement the use of hashtags, reblogs, retweets, shares, likes, etc. Which makes it great for any content creator of any sort to get exposure on their creations.

Sadly, none of these are without flaws. None of these websites are transparent enough, and sometimes they make algorithms that affect how this content is being spread. Which affects a lot of content creators.

Sometimes we find work arounds, but sometimes we just have to deal with it.

No website is perfect for sharing art, it is recommended by professionals to use a variety of social networks to ensure you get the most exposure out of your content as possible.

And this is where the “alternatives” come into place.

“Picarto is too expensive, let’s use Piczel instead is free and is better” Piczel was a very poorly designed platform that couldn’t hold to offer quality experience to NEITHER artists or spectators.

“Barabox will protect u from the Nintendo copyright claims” * By the way, this so called Nintendo copyright claims were made by lonely homophobes who have NO IDEA of how law works and were just flagging content they didn’t liked. Unfortunately, the community isn’t educated enough to have defended about these claims. And if you go to one of these “alternate websites” TOS, you will notice there is NOTHING that actually protects you from this copyright claims (which again, 90% of the time are fraudulent abuse of the system)

“PayPal is forcing us to use invoices (which are there to protect u from being scammed…) so let’s use this alternative Russian banking website to pay for commissions instead!”

“Tumblr sucks, let’s use TSU instead” The biggest problem with Tsu was that it was a social network FOR CREATORS where CREATORS had the complete control of the content posted. Someone who doesn’t create content, has no business in that website other than watching art. Which with time became a museum where nobody was there to pay for custom content, because the platform isn’t inviting enough for people.

And there is something all of these alternatives have in common. THEY FAIL TO UNDERSTAND WHAT A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE IS.

The reason why you get exposure on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, IS because the biggest majority of their demographic are normal people with different interests, it’s a platform that offers something to do to ANYTHING despite their vocation.

You can watch memes, you can post jokes, you can tag your friends in posts, you can read news, you can participate on discussions. And in adition to that YOU can watch art. And interact with the people who create it.

That’s why these platforms are the current leading tools for artists.

That’s why Blogspot is no longer used by any artists. It’s a platform where the creator makes a post and ppl can just read it. Yey, fun!. RSS died, interests changed, THE AUDIENCE left the site, and without an audience, content creators had no business in the platform.

This is partially why Pixiv, DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and any new variation of the same design philosophy struggle keeping artists “interested” in their websites, and that’s because there isn’t as much of an audience. Since they are focused to CREATIVE audiences, that cuts a BIG chunk from the general population that social networks has.

So recently I see a lot of “let’s go to this new website”, “lets use this new banking website!”, “let’s start posting on this alternative new social network”

As a content creator, you must ask yourself the following:

Are the Terms of Service flexible enough to protect my intellectual propriety?

Is the audience big enough to help me build a market?

Is it worth leaving my XXXX number of followers on this social network, just for the sake of joining a new website that probably has less active users than my current social network?

The answer most of the time will be NO. And it isn’t that I’m against the emergence of new social networks and art websites and “ALTERNATIVE RUSSIAN BANKING SYSTEMS THAT ARE TOTALLY NOT A MONEY LAUNDRING SCAM”.

It’s the fact that you must protect your brand. You LIVE out of your content creations, and leaving your audience behind for a new alternative that you have no warranty will work. Is basically playing Russian roulette.

Always remember.

Any website is as big as the audience using it.

I hope this helps some artists who are thinking in leaving Tumblr, or Twitter, or anywhere, just out of spite for some algorithms that are affecting us.

Yeah, it really sucks that the websites we depend on to create an income are become an unpredictable scenario for us.

But it doesn’t matter we should take a leap of hope to anywhere only because we were “promised” it will work.

Who We Are

We are from Mumbai’s red-light area.

We are daughters of sex workers.

We are girls who were trafficked.

We are survivors.

We are young women with big plans and big dreams.

We are leaders.

We are agents of change.

Kranti means “Revolution” in Hindi – and we are the Revolutionaries!

What We Do

Kranti is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. Kranti believes that, when girls like us have access to the same education, training, and opportunities as people from privileged backgrounds, we can become exceptional leaders.

Our backgrounds give us added value as leaders and agents of social change because we’ve had to develop innovativeness, compassion, and resilience in the face of marginalization and discrimination. By combining our experiences with the support, opportunities, and confidence Kranti gives us, we can revolutionize not only our own lives, but also our community, the people around us, and all of India. Look out world – here come the Revolutionaries!

How We Get There

Therapy: Because change starts from within
At Kranti, we believe that the first and most important step of becoming a social change agent is learning to love oneself. All of the Revolutionaries have faced abuse, rape, and other types of violence, as well as the emotional and mental burden of coming from India’s most marginalized populations. To help us overcome society’s prejudice toward us, our mothers, and our community, Kranti offers many kinds of therapy, including art therapy, dance movement therapy, and cognitive based therapy.

Education: Because changing the world requires critical thinking as well as literacy
At Kranti, we believe the purpose of education is not to attain employment; it is to achieve empowerment and social change. We study in mainstream schools and open schools, and attend trainings with partner NGOs, including Swaraj, PWESCR, CREA, and Pravah. We are also free to design our own curriculum and measure our own progress.

Extracurricular: Because social change is led by well-rounded human beings
Each Revolutionary is required to take two extracurricular activities: one physical and one artistic. We’re learning everything from photography, drawing, singing, piano, and drums to karate and dance!

Social Justice: Because social change must be taught and learned
The Social Justice Curriculum covers 20 topics including caste, class, religion, environment, gender, sexuality, and women’s rights. Through a combination of workshops, documentaries, theatre, guest speakers, and field trips, we learn about the root causes of India’s biggest social justice problems, what the situation is today, and how we can help solve the problem. We even get to design and implement our own projects for each social justice unit.

Workshops and Theater: Because changing the world requires practice
We have led dozens of interactive workshops across India for over 15,000 people at schools, companies and NGOs; topics range from trafficking and sex work to gender equality and sexual abuse. We have also written a play about their lives, which we have performed in over 50 venues in India. By telling our stories, we’ve changed audiences’ mindsets about us, our moms, and our community.

Travel: Because you can’t change the world without seeing it first
Kranti takes between 3 and 5 trips each year, including an annual Himalayan trek in India, Nepal, or Bhutan. Traveling provides the opportunity to learn from various NGOs and to lead workshops around the country, as well as develop the confidence, grit, and resilience that can only come from traveling.

Artistic Integrity and Quality Control in Fandom Media: SU, LOK and beyond

i just don’t have the energy to analyse and argue, point-by-point why Steven Université has completely degraded since Jailbreak. The creators, professionally paid and well-accredited writers, (like a few others out there) are clearly not capable, skilled or knowledgable enough to wing it like they are, let alone maintaining the quality and consistency in character designs and plot development. 

its not asking much, especially now with how normalised the serial/continuous rather than episodic arcs for series that further protect it from cancellation now since the binge watch boom, to expect show creators to have the forethought to have a cohesive plot and visual designs that make sense

But instead they’ve fallen asleep halfway through and made excuses for what is actually a mistake not artistic licence. (Don’t even try. The Big Heads © are a mistake. Inexcusable. Illogical. Mistake.) Yet there has to be an answer, grounded in reality not excuses that bend to the internal logic of the fictional story itself to explain this JARRING flaw in SU and pop. media as a whole. 

The causes for this total disregard for quality art, after much thought is narrowed down to: 

(tldr: summary)

A- creator entitlement: creators undervalue importance of and outright ignore criticism. W no concept of Death to the Author they seek to enforce their original vision over their own audience’s equally valuable opinion. 

B-execitive fixation on money: higher powers i.e. producers, editors, studio CEOs cater to and perpetuate capitalist practices, sacrifice artistic integrity for profit, leaving creators trapped btwn the decision of making a living or keeping their vision intact.

c- systemic censorship that caters to those w privilege: basically pt B as it applies to other forms of oppression where there is no effort to appeal to minorities’ right to exist in mass media or challenge existing power imbalances wi production bc it threatens ratings/profit. 

A grand misunderstanding of art, how it works as a reflection of human nature and its value culturally and individually in enacting personal growth and change has left it incredibly susceptible to abuse of power and thus shallow narratives that keep people left out of the conversation of who we are as humans.

Art is culture and culture should not be enforced but created. I want creators and audiences to have more input in how our culture is shaped and thats not happening now with the way things are.

(long version w loads of examples:)

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This is a super rough design sheet for my ARMS oc! Sadly no name yet but I got the idea for him at work and I had to draw it. He’s based off claw machines one arm being a claw that can extend really far and grab things (yup he’s a grab spammer) and the other being one of those sticky arms you buy out of those vending machines for 50 cents and stuff gets stuck to it constantly. An avid toy collector and awkward nerd who doesn’t make friends easily due to his obsessions. He rather stay in his room to build his models than socialize. 

Again this is a super early rough concept still thinking of a backstory and his abilities as a fighter. His design will def change as I flesh out his character more but I’m excited to play around with this oc! Also, feel free to pitch name ideas cuz I’m at a loss lol. 

Hello everyone❤, I would like to share this interesting Giant Santa Claus to you. It  can be found in my beloved country Philippines, as it changed its outfit and let’s find out what would be Santa’s next outfit would look like.

  I created this blog for grade compliance and more often to promote the tourism of the Philippines.

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      “ Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas,Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or simply Santa, is a legendary figure of Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved ("good” or “nice”) children on Christmas Eve (24 December) and the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25 December)“.  -Wikipedia

       The biggest and tallest Santa Claus (for the year 2001) in the Philippines, measures 29 feet. It has become a routine that the giant Santa Claus was being place in front of Sierra Bullones Bohol Philippines Municipal Hall when Christmas is approaching. Many tourist would come to visit and took a picture after exploring one of the most popular tourist spot in the Philippines "Chocolate Hills”.

       Shockingly, last March 2017 the giant Santa Claus wear of purple graduation cap and gown. Many people were surprise and entertained for its transformation. They took a picture on it and posted on social media saying “Congrats and God Bless you Santa Claus in your graduation”. 

  Last june 2017 Sierra Bullones Municipality change Santa Claus outfit to its new style. Santa wears student’s uniform to welcome the opening of classes for the year 2017-2018. The said Santa Claus transformation was  design by Saturnino B. Daguplo Jr.  Municipal Assessor. 

     What do you think is the possible outfit of Santa Claus this last quarter of the year? Halloween costume I think? that would be scary.

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    ❝            people    talk    of      SOCIAL     OUTCASTS                       the    words     apparently    denote    the    miserable     losers     of    the     world           //       the    vicious     ones       //        but     i    feel    as    though     i     have     been     a       SOCIAL     OUTCAST         from     the    moment    i    was    born                     if     ever     i    meet    someone     society     has     designated     as     an     outcast       //      i     invariably     feel     affection    for     him        //         an    emotion    which     carries     me    away     in    melting     tenderness            ❞                            (    art cred.     )