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Stunning Anatomical Collages by Travis Bedel

Mixed media artist Travis Bedel composes stunning symbolic collages, which combine anatomical illustrations with a strong fusion of flowers. Representing life and energy in his work, Bedel’s surreal collages are conceptually and physically beauty. They symbolize the coexistence between nature and humanity. You can buy his work on Society6 and Etsy.


The dark will never seem scary if you’ve got one of these awesome light-up Pokémon sculptures in your room. Each one is hand-sculpted and painted by Kerrville, TX-based artist Kirsey of Kirsey’s Krafts. Tiny LEDs illuminate each sculpture, making them perfect nightlights for fans of Pokémon and Digimon too.

Visit the Kirsey’s Krafts Etsy shop to check out Kirsey’s entire selection of light-up sculptures and other handmade creations. Don’t worry if you can’t find your favorite Pokémon in her shop. Contact Kirsey via Etsy for custom orders.

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Pic of the Day: Great wave of Candida

Candida albicans is a yeast species that is part of the commensal microbiota of the body. Weakened or impaired immune system can lead to yeast infections mostly produced by Candida albicans, although other species like Candida parapsilosis, Candida glabrata and Candida tropicalis among others are increasing its incidence. So, like the great wave off Kanagawa, Candida albicans colonies are growing green in this chromogenic medium and supporting a wave crest formed by violet-smooth colonies of Candida glabrata and beige-rough colonies of Candida parapsilosis.

This photo was taken from our Submitted by: Cristina Marcos Thanks to the author (s): Cristina Marcos Arias, Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea



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High Fashion VS. Astrophotography 

Italian artist Bianca Luini previously featured for high fashion and runway beauty pieces has conceived intriguing diptychs inspired by nature’s beauty and classical and abstract art pieces. Although her comparisons to landscape photography is widely admired and instantly recognized by many fashion enthusiasts, few know of her juxtapositions between couture fashion and beauty and astrophotography. On her Tumblr blog called Where I See Fashion, you can find these hidden gems, where she compares couture’s glittery elements to those of the cosmos through sensations, colors and shapes. 


When they aren’t fighting the Rebel Alliance or frolicking in flowery meadows, Stormtroopers lead lives just like the rest of us, eating their favorite breakfast cereal, taking care of errands and chores, and playing video games. Spanish photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera gives us a window into the daily lives of Imperial Stormtroopers with an awesome photo series entitled The Other Side.

Higuera was in his last year of college in Valencia, Spain, when he got his hands on second-hand stormtrooper armor and started the project in 2012. He simply liked the idea of stormtroopers being just like us, except for the whole marching and killing thing. “They represent the galactic working class,” he says. “Let’s be honest, if that future existed, we would probably be imperial soldiers and not heroes or villains.”

Just like we do, Higuera’s Stormtroopers have to wait at the laundromat, shop for groceries, and do their taxes. They also enjoy spending time with their friends at the movies, playing pool, and even sipping piña coladas in a hot tub. Who knew their armor was hot tub-safe?

Head over to Wired to for more photos from and info about The Other Side.

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Art Mixes Renaissance Paintings With Pop Culture Imagery by Marco Battaglini


Costa Rica based artist Marco Battaglini creates large pastiche paintings that combine a handful of genres, styles, and references. His paintings are often reminiscent of a Renaissance composition and include classicist figures painted alongside more modern imagery like graffitied walls, tattooed bodies, varying artistic allusions like Warhol and Lichtenstein, and other pop culture details. Upon closer inspection of the paintings, it becomes clear that the effect of the compositions reveals spatial and temporal disruptions that limit the interpretation of the paintings’ realities.

Source: beautifuldecay

If you’re wondering why you haven’t found him in quite a while, “A Changed Man” by Gamma-Ray sheds some (holy) light on the whereabouts of everyone’s favorite hide-and-go-seek expert.

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Elizabeth Gilbert, who knows a thing or two about the machinery of creativity, now has a podcast companion to her latest book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Here is a particularly fantastic episode – Gilbert in conversation with the inimitable John Hodgman about the great and terrifying question every creative person eventually faces: What comes next?

Complement with this superb 1964 read on the art of self-renewal

Join us on September 9 for a dynamic conversation between artist and Rhizome founder Mark Tribe, a representative of the Google Cultural Institute team, and Timothy Rub, The George D. Widener Director and Chief Executive Officer, about the impact of technology on the making and experience of art. 

“Traces of a Constructed City,” 1995, by Mark Tribe. Image courtesy of the artist.