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Hey, @shypurple remember that we all love and care about you! So don’t be upset because of one bad comment! You don’t know me, but I’d be happy if you’d be happy and like my present :3
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All of you remember that! You all are gorgeous, beautiful and talented people, love you all no matter what!
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Do seekers already speak Vosnian(?) when they are born? Or do they have to be taught? If there are ones that have already appeared, then what if the Autobots can't understand them? Hopefully they would realize they were new and not shoot on sight.

As much as I hate the idea of the Autobots hovering over the Well and taking in all the new people to indoctrinate, at least they would not mistake a newly Sparked Seeker for one of their enemies from the war. Such a Seeker would not likely be wandering around alone and stumble upon one of their settlements. Honestly you cannot really mistake a newSpark for anyone else anyway. They behave very differently.

And to answer your question, Vosnian isn’t a separate language, and it’s not something they would be programmed with right from the AllSpark. All Cybertronians can communicate and express rudimentary concepts with a basic code language similar to what Bumblebee was reduced to when Megatron crushed his voice box. When they get to the top of the Well, the people there would upload Cybertronian Standard into their drives. That gives them a full working vocabulary and grammar for spoken Cybertronian, though they still might not know what a lot of words really mean until they experience more of life, and specialized terms would be something they would either or upload later.

Other languages, such as Primal Vernacular, can be uploaded but the nuances and grammar are so complex they still require vorns of study to gain fluency. Even then, reading old texts will often throw skilled translators for a loop. I had trouble with it sometimes in the Academy, and in my own research later on.

Uploading Vosnian wouldn’t do you any good, since the words are nearly all the same as regular Cybertronian. I suppose you could upload all the weather words and flight words that other dialects don’t bother with, but they wouldn’t mean much unless you experience them all by flying, and they would mean even less if you didn’t know all the idioms where you actually use those words. Vosnian dialect is really a cant - it is designed to have hidden meanings and be obscure to outsiders - but most Vosnians use it more as slang. Most of the expressions refer to Vos’s history and literature, or to things you would only know if you flew around and lived in the city. You picked up cant by just living in Vos. The language and culture of Vos were as much a part of the city as the very metal the towers were built from and the wind that blew through them. I hope… I hope the new Seekers won’t think it’s all too much of a bother to learn about… I’m afraid they won’t be interested, and I worry that if the Autobots fill their heads with nonsense they might think it’s all too old fashioned or strange…

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初めて車を買った時。理想vs現実 #hokuto

When you buy your first car

The Ideal vs. The Reality
'Missing Richard Simmons' And The Nature Of Being Known
The podcast came to an anticlimactic end as a mystery, but it says a lot about the demands of being a public figure.

The six-episode podcast Missing Richard Simmons dropped its final episode on Monday, two days ahead of schedule. For a project nominally devoted to finding out more about what happened to one-time fitness guru Richard Simmons, it wasn’t very satisfying by that standard. Host Dan Taberski concluded, in effect, that Richard Simmons was safe and physically healthy and had withdrawn voluntarily from public life without much fanfare, which is … pretty much what we already knew. 

But as unsatisfying as the show was as a mystery, it was fascinating as a study of what we ask of public figures — of what we feel entitled to ask of them.

The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish), was commissioned by Sultan Ahmet I when he was only 19 years old. The construction initiated in 1609 and was completed in 1616. The mosque is representative of the Sunni Islam religion, and is one of three mosques in all of Turkey to consist of six minarets.