art all day!!

- Life’s too short… it’s passing by.
So if we’re gonna go at all, go big or go -

Happy Birthday Lance // July 28th

Fooling around in Sai and came up with this uhhhh

Anyway this is for @franciskinloch because jn ad invented everything including happiness and a little extra happiness couldn’t hurt (go send Kat some love!! They are wonderful)

He’s transparent!!


Do you need help?


Can I use your map? I think I’m lost in your eyes (courtesy of @trajektoria XD)

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 4


You know, I actually have a little AU around this pic, about rich heir Ibushi taking a gap year after college before entering the family business, only to arrive to a little town, getting lost, and having a beautiful stranger helping him out and eventually giving him a reason to stay as he figures out what to do with his life after his year is over.

Also, guess who fell in love with the watercolor brush in SAI as much as she sucks at it :’).

Yoosung Kim

Pastel Yoosung…thank you @7space0chips7 for the eye tutorial!!! And of course for the encouragement. And @lilith5th for the help with the skin tone. Not sure I got it right still, but, it would have looked worse if I had been left to my own devices…..

I like this one…but I need to do the feet!! erg. NO!!!