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So, its been a little while since I’ve posted anything and this is one of the reasons why…

 One of the projects that’s been keeping me very busy and that I’m very glad to now be able to publish, is a series of posters to help raise awareness of the Samaritans in Hong Kong, China. I’ve been working on this series of five posters, based around the main causes of depression for the last few weeks and its been a pleasure to work towards a cause I feel so strongly about. In case anyone’s unaware of what the Samaritans do, they provide 24/7, free support for those affected by depression, suicide and anyone who needs a helpful ear when times are hard. 

A huge thanks to Kien Hoe at Y&R for the commission and art direction, its been grand, the pieces will also be entered into the Cannes Lions Advertising festival which is hugely exciting!

More exciting projects to come soon….