art after hours

I might never be your hero
Never been one to fight
That don’t mean that I can’t be your valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! Hope it was spent with good company


No facial expression would be more accurate as a explosion
I can’t even draw right now and my stomach hurts of happiness ..but i still don’t know what i want to draw for Victuuri


I made an X-Files picture book to give myself closure after watching the show for the first time.  Then they officially announced the revival. I should have known there would be no escape from all the feelings.


See the big gold chain that I’m rockin’
I got the ring for the bling, not a problem
I got a stash full of cash that I owe to my brother
All up in the club, just to live it up (x)

I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:

Characters belong to @thisiskindagross

Happy Valentine! (。´∀`)ノ ❤

After three hours of drawing duds I went to @asktheboywholived‘s page and finally got inspired to produce something decent. So here’s a sad Remus inspire by their interpretation of him. Seriously. Go check ‘em out. I get lost for hours on their page. Magic happens there. Next I’ll have to draw Sirius. 

Thank you for the inspiration, TT! I really needed it today.