art academy berlin

Woman Reading (c.1900). Paul Barthel (German, 1862-1933).

Barthel started his painting lessons in 1877 at the School of Applied Arts in Dresden and then at the Royal Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin. After studying Barthel worked in Dresden, where he mainly worked with watercolor.


Carl Blechen - In the Palm House by Irina

Carl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen (29 July 1798, Cottbus - 23 July 1840, Berlin) was a German landscape painter and a Professor at the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

Girl in a Blue Sash. Wilhelm Amberg (German, 1822-1899). Oil on canvas.

Amberg was educated by the painters Carl Joseph Begas in Berlin and Léon Cogniet in Paris. After this he spent a couple of years in Rome. His paintings are characterized by humour and a poetic atmosphere. Amberg has won many awards and from 1886 was a Member of the Senate of the Prussian Academy of Arts, Berlin.


I just fell in love with Manfred Schatz’s art. 

Manfred Schatz (1925-2004) was a wildlife artist who captured the energy and movement of living animals. He developed a distinctive motion-blur effect in his oil paintings, using large brushes to soften edges in the direction of movement. 

He was born in 1925 in Stettin, Germany, and attended the Academy of Arts in Berlin before the age of 18. He was unable to escape the war and was drafted in the German army, fighting on the Russian front. He was taken prisoner in Russia and spent more than four years in a prison camp. He suffered from exhaustion, tuberculosis, and near starvation. After he was set free, he recuperated at a hunting preserve with his brother, a game warden. There he fell in love with nature and with observing the movement of animals. Though it may appear he was influenced by studying photographic effects, he primarily relied on his knowledge, memory, and imagination to convey fleeting impressions of the human observer.

He started exhibiting in 1953, and by the 1960s, his work began to win international awards.He said that his greatest influences were Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors.