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Here is me

Local from Hong Kong who went through Chinese New Year for 19 years

Come here and explain stuffs to you

in a totally incorrect way.


I saw some whitewashed Moana fanart and fanart where Hunk and Lance’s skin tones were lighter than Shiro’s and ever since then I’ve never known peace

snakes are manifesting in my house physically

I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play Night in the Woods, and I love the friendship between Mae and Gregg!!
(Gregg is my spirit animal tbh)


my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

pphew! sorry for the late reply to these >.< i figured id just reply to all these in one post with some pics. Below are the watercolors i use and the the gold paints (keep in mind those pics i posted were like first attempts @_@ im still getting used to these…)

The water colors are Mjello Mission Gold Watercolors in the 34 tube set and the gold palette are the FineTec Artist Mica Watercolors in the Pearl set. 

Now I’ll state first– both these sets are kinda pricey. The FineTec palette (about $27) is so worth it though because it comes in different golds and one tube of gold gouache is usually like $9 each or more depending on the amount of mica, so def worth the price and variety.

Below: from lightest to darkest on ivory tinted paper [Silver, Moon Gold, Gold Pearl, Arabic Gold, Tibet Gold, & Inca Gold] they look SUPER outstanding on black paper as well!

my fav is the richest one, the Inca Gold.

They are super nice, but if you plan on getting them, they are super HARD palettes! It’ll take a lot of scrubbing to get them activated and to have that nice gouache-like thickness, so if you don’t want to ruin your nice brushes, I def recommend getting some Ox Gall. Adding a drop or two of this will get them activated in no time, and with a nice opaque thickness. (the brand I have below they dont sell anymore, but other brands still make it)

As for the water colors, ehhh i feel weird cuz those vegetas were like my first attempts with this brand. Ive always used the Sakura Koi 24 color set palette because theyre super nice and super cheap (like $20) and Ive had them for years. I only got these because I wanted higher-grade watercolors in tubes. But they are very expensive, but for good reasons: they have a lot of pigment, which makes them so vibrant and bright and theyre designed to be very close to natural colors, not to mention theyre so SMOOTH when painting and they’ll probs last me forEVER because you get so much color with very little water.

(opera is best color IMHO) here’s a color chart I made (that took FOREVER btw) to give you an idea how beautiful they are and how many nice colors they make

so yea! those are the paints I used for those particular pics. Course if you would like a nice, cheap watercolor recommendation that works pretty well, Sakura Koi’s are a fantastic substitute. …..SORRY IF THIS WAS LONG i just akdfhalkfhd i like talking about traditional hope this was at least a little informative >.< if anyone has questions or wants some recommendations (while also saving some money) feel free to ask! I’ll help in any way i can with what i know, cuz despite posting mostly digital art, I am a traditional art supply FANATIC. 

This was kinda inspired by a bit in this fic, tho didn’t quite manage to pull it off as well as I hoped…


I’m in desperate need of money, for no one in this house of 12 has a legitimate job. All money made will go towards food and water.
My current goal it to try to make at least 100$ with these, so slots will be unlimited. If you are interested, IM me or email me at . [I can do any OC, including furries/anthro. Just no NSFW]

Also, please signal boost this yall, I only have a measly 4 dollars to my name. No one in this home has any money and we have no idea when we’ll even be able to eat again.

I will be taking clean sketches like the 3 up top for 8 USD each

  1. @brinytrolls
  2. @brinytrolls [DONE]
  3. @taimatrolls [DONE]
  4. @manversusweeb
  5. @yanderefantrolls
  6. OPEN
  7. OPEN
  8. OPEN
  9. OPEN
  10. OPEN

I will also be taking clean sketch commissions like the bottom 2 for 15 USD each
Slots [10 open]

Rose: And then ate all that sugar..?
Eskel: Oh no, we used the sugar to buy potatoes and tried to brew our own vodka.

I made an OC, I decided the best way to introduce her would be through a comic, so here. Her name is Rose because she’s a thorny bitch. She’s a cat witcher and she might think Eskel is a bit of a weirdo.


Alright, it’s about time I start up some commissions!

We are running a bit tight on money, especially since my family wants to go visit our relatives living out of the US, so a little extra help would certainly help in the long run! And in turn, you’ll get my best efforts to deliver you on some quality art ^u^

Okeydokes, now for the details!!

  • Digital only! The final file will be a jpeg at default 1200 x 1500 pixels, unless you specify the size at the beginning
  • Paypal only! In US dollars only please! Payment will be made through invoice. Please give the email you use with Paypal.
  • I will require payment upfront, once I have given you some concept sketches for your approval. So please be absolutely sure you want to commission me and follow through that decision
  • Please have ready any references, whether it be on the character, background, or colors you’d like me to use before I begin work on the final piece!
  • Please communicate to me with as much detail as possible what you would like to see in the final art piece. I am no mind reader!
  • I have the right to refuse if I deem the proposed commission to be far out of my skill zone or do not feel comfortable drawing it
  • Will not draw: nsfw, furries, mecha, detailed armor, very complex backgrounds, extreme gore
  • Ask about icons/avatars! We can negotiate the price on that depending on amount of detail desired
  • Turnaround time is from 1 to 2 weeks. 2-5 days if it is a sketch and not complex lineart. If you need it to be finished at a certain time and/or day, please specify at the beginning!!

Visit my commissions page for more info

If you are interested, please send me a message here on tumblr or email me at