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Jo’Rhirr and his best friend/boyfriend back from caravan days; argonian Bad-Aim who works as knife thrower. Just like his name suggests, Bad-Aim’s really bad at aiming and hence totally sucks at his job. Jo’Rhirr casts illusions on every performance to hide his boyfriend’s failures. Bad-Aim, however, is really good at gutting people with his knives in close combat and doesn’t mind doing that when their caravan needs protection. Or when Jo’Rhirr gets in trouble because of another scam of his.

nick and charlie go to Disneyland Paris together the summer before Nick leaves for university and they wear mickey ears the whole time :’)

day 10: with animal ears

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)


Everyone told Rein that he shouldn’t wear that stupid ass shirt when he was going out to pick up the new “transfer” agent from the airport. In his defense, he said that it was his “lucky” shirt and that he wanted to give a welcoming appearance for them.

Cerys’ first impression of Rein was that she thought he was some eccentric uber driver who talked about food a lot.