art = sourced uwu

it’s 2015. don’t like or reblog art unless the artist gave permission for reprints, and definitely don’t reblog it if it doesn’t have a source jfc.

this is not that hard of a concept. theft = bad. knock it off.

if you follow someone posting stolen art, unfollow their sorry ass. giving these idiots notes and follows is encouraging them to keep stealing.

yeah we all say “oh wow source your art uwu stealing is bad”, but until we start actually fucking doing something those words are meaningless. art theft will continue unless you actually start giving a damn and practicing what you preach.

this is my challenge to all of you: for the entire year of 2015, i don’t want any of you to reblog something unless it has a source and permission from the original artist. if you see someone you follow posting or reblogging unsourced art, unfollow them. even if they’re your friend. don’t refollow them until they agree to stop.

i’ve been running my blog with that policy for over a year, it’s about time some of you guys start picking up the slack to. don’t you dare give any bull crap reason as to why you can’t, this is such an easy thing. THERE’S LITERALLY NO EXCUSE NOT TO.

make 2015 the year you actually start giving a damn about artists.