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Some recent doodles!

We watched Moana recently, it was so good. We watched it again yesterday for the director’s commentary. Could not fault it!

It was essentially a present from my husband since I kinda missed my birthday from being sick. He got me Moana on Bluray, the Moana soundtrack, and an ocean scented candle to remain on theme XD.

Also got to spend a birthday voucher at Kikki.K, due to the midyear sales stacking on my voucher I ended up getting 3 large planner refills/kits for free!

The second picture is a DnD character I played named Versailles! She was School captain at her magical school, as well as captain of the hula team.


Definitely worth re-watching. Absolutely stunning.

eliariellis  asked:

It's kind of sad how beautiful the concept art/scrapped art is but in comparison to the actual game,, the game is toned down?? Don't get me wrong I love the game but it seems Disney really limits itself in its own creativity by toning it down for no reason? I'd like to hear your opinion on this, love your blog BTW!!! Have a nice one✌

While there is a lot of stuff that could have been used and a lot of missed opportunities, I have to disagree on this one. Disney didn’t “limit itself”

The problem with the Epic Mickey franchise isn’t that they were “limited” as Disney gave Junction Point a lot more free reign than most other companies they’ve worked with. It’s that they started off drawing more than they could actually handle, and then the artwork got leaked, even though it clearly wasn’t going to be the final product. They ended up having to make a lot of changes, but kept showing the public their unfinished work, setting people’s expectations ahead of time.

By leaking the artwork, the fans who don’t understand that concept art usually doesn’t make the final cut, began whining about them “toning it down” when their darker artwork was nothing more than an experiment while the developers were still trying to decide what angle they wanted to go with for the game. Heck, a lot of it was leaked before Warren Spector found out making Oswald a villain was a terrible idea!

…not that the Disney company should have had to have told him…it should have been obvious Oswald should never be a villain…

(cough COUGH)

As explained in The Art of Epic Mickey (beautiful book, BTW, highly recommend it) they decided to go with a more toon-like Wasteland rather than the hardcore steampunk dystopia angle they originally considered, because they still wanted it to feel like a Disney universe, and the steampunk dystopia didn’t feel Disney-like at all.

Also, on this blog, for the most part I’ve been showing you the good ideas from the concept art. If you look at all the concept art, there’s a lot of stuff we should be HAPPY didn’t make it into the game. They were going to make Mickey look like an edgy angry teenager at one point:

Yeah. That was going to be Mickey…making dramatic Shadow the Hedgehog poses. (”Where is that D*** Rocket Gear?!”)

CGI is a much more difficult process than 2-D purists make it out to be. Many of the animatronic ideas were nearly impossible to model, let alone animate, and would have delayed the game by several years trying to make. Some of them wouldn’t have been able to do much, such as the “lifters”

Oh no….they’re picking Mickey up…..and looking at their models, that’s all they can do….pick things up….they can’t even throw… in fairness they did make a model that would have worked much better, but it still looks too slow to be a real threat.

And then there’s this thing:

That’s just overkill. To anyone who’s ever rendered anything in 3-D: Can you imagine having to spend days making this thing, and then having to rig and animate it? It’s a nightmare, and was scrapped for a reason. And you know, I used to think this thing looked scary, but looking at it now, it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Mickey could probably just spin by it, and it would fall over and be unable to get back up.

The point I’m trying to make is it’s unfair to judge a game’s progress by it’s concept art. Concept art rarely makes the final cut, and usually is made in the earliest experimentation stages of the project. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes we don’t know about. Most of these decisions weren’t made by Walt Disney, but by Junction Point themselves.

Now, if you want to blame Disney for not giving them enough time to fully work on Epic Mickey 2 while overhyping the game more than they hyped the first one, then yeah, I’d agree Disney screwed up, there…although Junction Point did try way too hard to pander to the crowd…and by crowd I mean “the people complaining about the first game over every little detail”