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Something there

The most beautiful things in this remake are costume and scenic design: i would love live in that castle, even if is dark and ruined, and the yellow dress is amazing. SOme friend tell me that the beast i draw is too kawaii, and resemble my beloved husband, i tell him and he was pretty proud about, maybe because this is the scene where we can clarely understan that there is love and understanding. And afterall i always prefer the beast than the prince ahahah

Kidnapping Step Daughter = Bunny on a Rampage

Here’s a sneak peek of the next chapter of Take A Stand where Judy goes to war with the Underworld Trio by the amazing @ziegelzeig. This is last chapter before the epilouge. Who will live? Who will die? Find out on Sunday and if you’re not caught up yet here’s a link to

this was supposed to be a bigger piece with like the full dress and things but i got hit with horrible art block yesterday so i got frustrated and gave up on that idea completely, deciding to do this small weird looking face portrait thing instead