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Tumblr Pet Cats as Loth-Cats - Part I

I am making cartoony gift doodles of what people’s pet kitties would look like if they were a loth-cat from Star Wars Rebels.

The Novel Reader (1888). Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890). Oil on canvas.

As art historian Judy Sund says it, for “this imagined female…[to be] reading a yellow book (i.e. a modern novel) with wide-eyed attention reflects the artist’s conviction that everyone should read, and suggests anew that his conception of the ideal woman included a devotion to the modern fiction that was modeled on his own.” (“Favoured Fictions,” p. 260).

Art Raffle! (260+ followers!)

Since i got 260+ followers, i make the first art raffle

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Deadline : August 24, 2016  _GMT+7_

About the prize:

1st : Full Body (2 person)


2nd : Bust Shot (3 person)


3rd: Chibi_ Small people_ (4 person)


_ I’ll sent an ask to your inbox and if the winner did not reply for 2 day then i will replace and find the new one

And don’t worry if you are not the winner, there is more art raffle.

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