art 2 wear

@thisshouldbegayer‘s Galra Keith to match my Altean Lance.


DREAM AU!!i cant decide if lance would wear akane normal school outfit or pants so?both

pls dont tag as genderbend!


“fluff!” based on recent official art

we have (almost) the same coat;;; he’s missing out on the pom poms ;v;

photoshoot pictures taken by@/jacki.shi on instagram!

Shy babies adults ;//A//;

I’! I’m flipping over and I can’t keep my sh*t down! like i’m literally counting the days waiting for season two to come!!  


they’re at some emo band concert

inspired by @lanceytown‘s emo keith and belieber lance x 


these are cute if you ignore all the mistakes


Me and my older brother are the same age as Luffy and Ace, and I can’t get enough modern au shenanigans between them so here’s more cute sibling shenanigans based off irl shenanigans.