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And- another mural to mark the occasion 

I may be half a decade late to fall for Portal, but that doesn’t stop me from spending some good solid hours to pastel my room’s wall with Chell



another TF2 animatic

//a little old but yes enjoy

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dude you are a blessing for this fandom! the bts aus, the yoonmin, the everything! so so beautiful! always remember that there are tons of people who apreciate your art and the time and effort you put into it. sometimes ppl will say" do more of this or that", but don't feel pressured you do you :) lots of luv

thankyou you ask was so timely!!!!!! i guess smth to get used to doing as a fanartist is having to repeatedly tell people that you will continue something if u, well, feel like continuing it.. but sigh, Such Is Life. lots of love back to you!!!!

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Pt. 1 I can't believe there are actual chiam shippers out there. Like that's an actual thing. What bothers me is that they don't find the relationship creepy. I thought to myself well hey Shakira and Pique are 10 years apart and I love them! So maybe I'm just being a hypocrite?? But they MET when Pique was 23 and Shakira was 33.

Cheryl met Liam when he was 14. That’s a child. I work with high schooler’s and I’m only 21, but I cannot imagine even finding the ones that are 18 attractive because they are children to me. I’m there as a mentor and advocate, not as someone who is going to prey on them. Idc if I run into them later in life when they’re 23, like it would still be wrong because I was at some point an adult who watched over them during their teen years.This whole thing is just so messed up.

Honneeeestly, you hit the nail on the boob for one of the (many, many, many!!11!!) reasons why I make this face every time I think of Cherliam:

The way Cherliam has been presented in the media especially has real pedophilia overtones. They’ve sexualized interactions between 14 and 16 year old Loammy Jean with a 24 and 26 year old woman who was positioned to be like his mentor.  Liiiike. Nope. Naht today. Please take it back, keep it, bury it in the yard, gross.