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Captain America Jemma Simmons

In my first year at design school I was in a class where I was supposed to have kept a ‘sketchbook journal’ the whole semester. I didn’t. I forgot. I had my own sketchbook that I kept all year, but I didn’t want to hand that in and never see it again … so instead I bought a $2 sketchbook in the school store, did this on the first page, and handed it in on the last day like a dinkhole

so flash forward to yesterday

my head of department passes me in the hallway, and says “I was cleaning my desk and found something of yours? dunno how long it’s been there but come pick it up if you want it” so that’s how it came home to me

but the best part. THE BEST PART

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Please tell me about the great romanticism/modernism throwdown, I'm dying to know

ahahah it wasn’t as big as all that, really, it just looms large in my mind because it was Unexpected. 

I had a professor in Art History (hi I went to school for Shapes and Colors) who really really really hated the early 19C, art-wise. He was allllll about Dada and Surrealism and that good ol’ post-war art and Bauhaus and etc etc etc. 

And one day while he was going on about The Genius of Modernism Emerging from the Trite Emotionalism of Romanticism  one of the other professors walked in, looking to see if he was done using the floor’s VCR/TV setup (hi I’m old). 

“Historians Agree” is a liiiiiie…

It turned out THIS teacher was a MAJOR fan of Romanticism, and she lit INTO him about. At first it was all faux-jovial– haha, but what do you think about the light and shadow in THIS piece, okay but while we’re talking typography experiments what about X book,etc. 

It STARTED jovial, but it escalated into an increasingly loud argument, that ended when the Romanticism advocate threw a marker at my teacher’s head (thus instantly earning the allegiance of the classroom) and screamed some very personal comments about his Faux Intellectualism and Denial of The Power of the Individual, and he responded by insulting her intelligence and accusing her of being a closet fascist (y’know, because of Romantic Nationalism). 

Then they went out in the hall and things audibly escalated. 

ANYWAY this was decades ago (I am oooold)  and I have forgotten most of the exact matter of the argument, but I remember the nature and occurence of it long after having forgotten useful necessary info like my business ID and blood type.    


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 271} 
                      —Eyes At The Back Of Her Head—

Beatrice: “ Nothings out there. [sigh] I must be getting paranoid in my old age.”
Mama Voodoo: “ Old age? Well me dear I’m a few centuries over your little lifespan [cackle] and I wouldn’t sit back an’ relax with on of ya cup of teas now, Beatrice. What If a little somethings hiding out there under a cloak of invisibility? ”
Bianca suddenly began to suspect the newest witch in the room. What If this student witch and new sister ‘Beverley’ isn’t so innocent as everyone assumes. Righty related and confirmed by mother but still
Bianca [thoughts]: ( I feel like I trust this Beverley girl as our new sister but It’s just too good to be true, nothing this good happens to us! With all the strange vibes right now I can’t help but suspect something. The darkness could be emiting from many things like this demon baby growing inside me… But maybe I’m just being bitchy. No, It literally is life or death right now. )
Beverley began to wander about the manor and Bianca watched with eyes at the back of her head, peeled to her every move.
Beatrice stood gazing out the window comepletley puzzled by her witch senses which are always right although this time her instincts were wrong.

Beatrice: “ I don’t like this! I’m going to outside and check things out. ”
Mama Voodoo: “ No! You are most likley the target Beatrice! Not to mention you died yesterday! I’ll go, I’m not from this time so my life vessel in the 18th century will remain alive If something out there is to kill me. ” 
Deedee: “ Hold up! I’m not letting you investigate alone. I’ll come too, nothing ever wants to kill me. I’m blessed [hair flip]. ” 
Bianca watched as they early left the manor.
Bianca: “ Guys! Becareful out there ok. I don’t want to have to Moonlight Falls graveyard for the rest of the year. ”

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could you describe the relationship between martha and george washington?thanks!

Shortly after resigning his military commission, George Washington wed Martha Dandridge Custis, a wealthy young widow, on January 6, 1759. They had met the previous year when Colonel Washington returned to supervise extensive renovations at Mount Vernon.

Their attraction was mutual, powerful, and immediate. George and Martha never had any children of their own, but Martha had two young children by her first husband, Jacky (John Parke Custis) and Patsy (Martha Parke Custis), whom George was instrumental in raising. In later years, the Washingtons also adopted two of their grandchildren, known as Washy and Nelly. But although they both harbored much love for one another, George loved her and her children very much- there was no passion between them. 

There are only three known letters that exist between George and Martha Washington. Before she died, Martha Washington purposefully burned the letters from her husband, to keep their relationship private. 

Pen and ink drawing for a town in my D&D campaign that is beset by frost giants! The PCs are quite underleveled for dealing with the 14 or so giants I sent at them, but they were able to repel them with the help of an ancient silver dragon! (She is fond of the settlement and disguises herself as a human there). The PCs are now gearing up to invade their lair (perhaps stealthily, perhaps not). Wish em luck!


Chelsea ( @opensmother-lippedlover​ ) and I ( @jessjust​ ) met December 5, 2012 on Tumblr (Yup, I remember dates well). Immediately I noticed how sweet, polite, and interesting she was. We continued to talk here and there, and making our relationship official months later. We dated for about six-months. Initially everything was great, but the long-distance was awful and we were too young to know how to handle it. We called it off. We went our separate ways; fell in-love here and there with other people. 

Years later I was working for the Texas Legislature, near done with my undergrad degree, and with the flexibility to move anywhere. I then realized how much I kept thinking about her, wishing to share the precious memories I was making at my job, how supportive and uniquely proud she would be — and truly how much love I still had for her. Not knowing where she was in life I decided to reach out to her, told her how I felt and she left me waiting (lol) Some time later she finally came around and told me she felt the same way. Well the rest is really history. 

(The day she asked me to be her girlfriend)

We left Philadelphia and houston, and we moved to Chicago after I got a scholarship at DePaul Law School, and she began her education to become a Veterinarian. Most importantly we created our own little family with our baby Gatsby, a cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Now I’m proud to call her my fiancée. I would give my life for her. 

We’ve had bumps here and there like any other couple, but we love each other enough to fight for each other. That’s what’s important. And why I proposed December 17, 2016 at the art institute!

She may still get mad at me when I forget to place the new toilet paper in the holder and I may still get annoyed when she talks through a movie. All in all, that’s what a relationship is about loving each other and ironing out the little differences.

We want to share our little story with details sometimes left out by the media. With our relationship on the spotlight I hope this encourages others to love and work hard for their relationships ❤️ love is out there, it’s just hard to keep.

(This is an old video Chelsea’s dad filmed of the first time we saw each other again after years apart)

More photos of the engagement can be found in our Instagrams: Cnicolem_ and J.essrdgz