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Your 33 on the ACT
Doesn’t mean you need a PhD
An A in math and science
Doesn’t make art an act of defiance
Because the SAT says 1570
You still don’t need to go to MIT

These are the reasons
Their shoulders sag with grievance
Because we bark at them
The only career for you is in STEM
How can we be so insensitive
To say that it’s a waste to be creative?

—  to anyone who’s been told that a certain career or passion is a waste of your intelligence
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Name: Lucy
Age: 19
Country: New Zealand

Hey! I’m Lucy and I’m a second year computer science student. I’m a bit awkward and not great at introducing myself haha but I’m keen to make some new friends, email would be cool but I’d love snail mail - someone to exchange random doodles/magazine clippings/friendship bracelets and other cute stuff as well as letters would be awesome! I love reading, TV shows, movies, sleeping and trying to make pretty things in my Wreck This Journal, so if you’re keen to chat about any of that, or just random stuff like the meaning of life or what you had for breakfast this morning, hit me up :)

Preferences: Preferably someone around my age, any gender or country!

ID #46787

Name: Zac
Age: 25
Country: Australia 

Hey, so I’m currently a university student in Brisbane, Australia. My majors are, French (Haven’t started my French courses just yet), Political Science and Journalism. My interests include; books, political discussion, global affairs, human rights, films (foreign, indie, the bizarre, disney etc.), writing, and exploring art galleries with no real sense of what is actually on display. I’m really interested in giving snail mail ago, especially with the exchange of postcards etc. I’m looking to do a study exchange in Lausanne, Switzerland, so it would be great to make some friends beforehand. Really just interested in broadening knowledge of different cultures and making friends for life :).

Preferences: No homophobes, transphobes, sexists, racists, or bullies. Maybe a few people who speak French, so when I start I have some people to practice and hopefully not embarrass myself with. Oh, fans of The Newsroom, The West Wing, or Frasier would be great too. Also Harry Potter.

There’s this really interesting 80s documentary called “The Volcano Watchers” featuring the French Volcanologists Maurice and Kaita Krafft on their first research trips to Eldfell on Heimaey, Iceland, the Hawaiian Islands, Africa, Indonesia and Japan. It’s a fascinating watch with some beautiful imagery!


I’m almost at the point where I don’t even care what happens in the next
episode anymore but I might die of happy heartattack if they even HINT
at the Author and Fids having a thing.

Theory: The Fiddles Pamphlet, Part 1

Originally posted by dorkybipper

Welcome to the Fiddles Pamphlet, a three part series about the secret life of Fiddleford McGucket. Over the next few theories, I’ll be answering a few questions about our favorite Arkansas (sinnamon?) cinnamon roll such as:

  • What exactly are the Guck’s engineering capabilities?
  • What was Fidds working on before being called to Gravity Falls?
  • How old is Fiddlesticks?
  • What did McGucket contribute to Ford’s research outside of the portal?
  • What’s up with Fiddleford’s hair? Is that a highlight? A grey streak? Or something much, much more meaningful….

But let’s dive in. I present to you: Part 1 of the Fiddles Pamphlet! 

Part 1: Fiddleford’s Computermajigs and Other Doohickeys

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, even in his worst condition, was nothing less than a genius. He invented a prototype portable personal computer system years before the PC market took off. In season 1 alone, while in his mentally compromised state, we watched him operate and create the Gideon Bot and the Gobblewonker, two massive feats of mechanical engineering and robotics, operable through a personally created computer system designed by the Guck himself. 

But what else has Fidds created? During those years with Ford in the shack, which designs did he contribute to? Below I’ve made a list of inventions and devices we can infer were created by Fiddleford McGucket based on the show, and what we can learn about his engineering and science prowess as a result.

Let’s begin with an analysis of two of the inventions we already know can be credited to him.

  • Laptop

The creation of the personal computer in a portable form so many years ahead of schedule is amazing enough, but it’s also able to access a localized internet connection to the portal to project information from the portal’s interface.

Of course, this means Fiddleford was a leader in software and hardware design, as well as computer engineering before computer engineering was really that big of a thing.

  • Memory Gun

So we know for a fact that the memory gun was created by McGucket, and used for the first time shortly after he left Ford’s team. But what are the mechanics behind the memory gun’s design. Well, after the initial use, McGucket suffers memory loss, but also seems to experience temporary elation and emotional highs.

It would seem the memory gun uses a mixture of Transcranial magnetic wave stimulation, which is the magnetic stimulation of portions of the brain (evidence shows it can be used on medication-resistant depression and neuropathic pain), as well as electroconvulsive shock therapy. Both of these methods have been shown to lead to the loss of memory, with the use of magnetic waves applied through coils held close to the head resulting in temporary relief from chronic depression.

Edit: I rewatched “Legend of the Gobblewonker” and it seems not only was that giant robot a massive feat of robotic technology, but it also used a “biomechanical brainwave generator” once again calling on Fiddleford’s know-how in neurotechnology and physics.

This would mean that Fiddleford has a strong command of Neurotechnology and electromagnetic physics and its adaptation into therapeutic methods, creating a device that uses transcranial magnetic waves nearly 30 years before the method was publicly tested.

So aside from the giant robots, the memory guns and the laptop, all explicitly stated to be created by McGucket, what else could we infer he had a part in creating based on the fields he has shown to excel at, as well as other clues in the show?

So which clues are offered to us by the laptop?

Let’s take a close look at something here:

So, next to the “Enter” key, we see this signal:

And this is actually very familiar. Where have we seen this before?

Now, the symbols aren’t identical, but there’s a similarity. Not only that, but it bears a resemblance to an illustration of electromagnetic waves, which we know he utilized in his creations. Maybe it could be a coincidence, but just to be sure, let’s think about where we find this symbol in the journal.

For one thing, it’s on the page of the portal design, which we know for a fact McGucket worked on.

It’s also on the page for the shapeshifter’s cryogenic chamber, which we know for a fact McGucket had to have at least worked near, since that’s where the laptop was found.

So we now have connections between this symbol and two pieces of mechanical engineering in both labs. I think from this, we can infer that McGucket also aided in the design and invention of these two devices.

Deducing which other inventions are his based on the skills he’s shown previously

Now that we have some idea of where Fiddleford’s skills lie, as well as some vague idea on the type of inventions he’s created, we can come up with some idea of what else may have been created by McGucket.

  • Project Mentem

Project Mentem is a device created seemingly for the case of encrypting one’s thoughts and memories for the sake of preventing the possession of Bill. It’s interface is mainly computer/monitor-based and it applies a signal of some kind into a helmet placed on the user’s head to detect their thoughts.

This is neurotechnology we’ve seen before, utilized in the memory gun created by McGucket. The principle is similar—through waves applied closely to the brain, the device interacts with the memories of the user. In once case, it encrypts them (possibly similar to the way files can be corrupted to be rendered unreadable in a computer system) and in another it erases them from the brain’s memory database. 

Not only is the interface of the device similar in appearance to the design of the laptop and other computer systems created by McGucket, but it uses tech we know he has a strong command over. In fact, the memory gun might just be a portable and less clunky manifestation of the same idea, an improved smaller design derived from Project Mentem.

Fiddleford, who was aware that Ford was not himself and possibly knew Ford was under the influence of Bill probably created the device as a safeguard, or as an experiment to detect Bill’s influence.

  • Mind Control Tie

The mind control tie uses everything we apply primarily to Fiddleford’s work. Neurotechnology and computer engineering. The design was probably based on blueprints left behind by Fiddleford. The Reagan administration was put into place in 1981. The same year I have Fiddleford leaving Ford’s team.

The idea here is that the government attempted to hire Fidds (someone with experience in neurotech), but Ford was the only one left. And Fidds or no Fidds, Ford couldn’t exactly turn down this Cold War era political entity (especially not with an illegal interdimensional portal in the basement) without raising suspicion or attention. Not to mention, at this point Ford most likely would have lost his grant money (either for the misuse of funds for Bill statues or the lack of progress in the months of paranoia after Bill revealed to have betrayed him) and he may have been desperate for the cash, so he took on the Reagan project, and created the tie, using either what he learned from Fidds, or using blueprints for computer systems left behind by Fidds when he left. (He did leave the laptop after all, so who knows what else he left behind)

Next time on The Fiddles Pamphlet, we answer these questions:

  • Why might the government have hired this team of scientists in the woods to make a tie for the president?
  • Why did Fiddleford mention having a “retirement party” in “Legend of the Gobblewonker? Is it important?
  • What else was Fiddleford working on before he came to Gravity Falls?

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Note: Special thanks to the-ford-twin for lending me a land in organizing this theory ^_^


June 21 2016

Happy summer everyone! I’m freshly graduated from high school :)
I’ll be majoring in chemistry at UCLA this fall so I thought reviewing from my AP Chem book would be beneficial this summer considering I took AP Chem two years ago zzz…