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A messy concept of what my version of Blue would’ve looked like as a fledgeling in my Jurassic Feathers AU. A muddy, messy, bossy child who loves her two dads. 

I screwed up on her face so she looks more like a tyrannosaur chick, but trust me, she’s a Velociraptor. She’s based off Peregrine Falcon chicks and has yet to grow her facial feathers in or refine her motor skills, but be patient with her. She’ll learn.

 I’ll upload her siblings and a fixed version of this later.

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Look at the child!  


A wild vanessa appeared!👀

Excerpt from “UGLY LEFTOVERS or AIRING OUT OLD LAUNDRY” by Ashe Vernon ( @latenightcornerstore), featured in the collaboration poetry collection, Before The First Kiss