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With a telling shudder, Rey shifted between forms, slender arms pulling her legs towards her chest, huddled in the fetal position against grimy pavement.

Kylo swore, tearing his peacoat from his back in an instant, gentle as he wrapped the woolen material around her bare shoulders. “You’re getting good at that,” he said, pulling the coat closed.

Rey ducked her face into the lapels, breathing deeply. When she flashed him a furtive glance, there were tears gathering in her eyes. He couldn’t—didn’t, wouldn’t—resist the nagging compulsion to gather her in his arms and hold her shivering body flat against his.

“Why?” she asked, voice breaking.

Because I care about you, he nearly answered. Kylo bit his tongue.

Hex by @pissbabysithlord

- i decided to do a purple haired jishua aesthetic. i can’t be prouder of the boys right now. they’ve come so far and have gotten so many things done. its truly amazing. stay street, stay alive. thanks frens. - 

((don’t get your panties in a wad, i’ll have an aesthetic for tyler soon!)


tarot-themed bujo: Day Two: The Magician. The Magician is a card associated with willpower, balance and creation. It’s a card that’s grown on me, more so after reading The Raven Cycle (it’s a card heavily associated with one of the characters). For me, it represents the balance between the divine and the material, creation and manifestation.