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hey I love your art and Im super sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you had any tips on how to color digital art? I can never seem to pick the right colors and they all kind of clash or look muddy or odd together. if what I'm asking makes sense do you have some sort of strategy to making your colors cohesive? if I'm bothering you you can just ignore! thank you!

Hello there, no bother!
Thank you for your patience.
I hope this helps.

Starring Kibbles and Caroline

Finally finished an old Kibbles doodle that I had sitting around for a while now. Added Caroline in there for “dramatic effect”
Will Caroline get her comeuppance!? Psh I dunno maybe.

Kibbles and Caroline Soulfire © HowSplendid

well… it`s widowtracer russian!au 

amelie is a french teacher at primary school, she broke up with her boyfriend and stupid and evil students made her skin turened to purple because of angriness, but she became calmer because she met young post officer lena. you know, there are lots of jokes in russia how slow is our post. but lena is not. she`s best post officer ever. amelie got her parcel with books really fast and when she look at this beautiful girl she just really liked her.

don`t ask me why i did this, i decided to create this au late at night, so im sorry lol

also thanks to my friends from russian widowtracer community, they used to tell jokes about how similar lena`s uprising skin looks to post officer`s uniform lol


finally lined some sketches ;D

1. Pellas (son, sweet boy with many parents, on left) and Bastion (best poly mage dad, will fight u, on right) in Light for the Brightshine Jubilee because its part of ur cultural heritage Pellas, its not really that hot out even. 

Pellas’s tag has a few amusing posts about how he feels regarding the trip. 

2. Pellas himself, tall leatherworker boy, p shy. I might be looking for an out-of-clan partner/datemate for him depending on how the writing goes. Gotta get my tablet and color the bust first tho. Not a proper pic of him without showing how bright red & gold he is.

& the lore/art tag crew: @serthis-archivist @a-gang-of-ducks @them-sweet-dragons @gemmie-fr @maiatan-fallan @childofmyroids