I got asked to do somethin’ for the HS calendar and they let me pick what to draw hehehhehe. 

You can buy the calendar here;

Here’s a video of the process;


Commission info;




Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru (刀剣乱舞-花丸-)

Mikazuki Munechika, Kiyomitsu Kashuu and Yamatonokami Yasusada made the cover of December’s Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay) with new art by key animator Mina Osawa (大沢美奈), which was also featured on a clear file extra!

Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan (斉木楠雄のΨ難)

Kusuo Saiki is really enjoying his holiday with Teruhashi Kokomi in this seasonal spread from December’s Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), also illustrated by key animator Mina Osawa (大沢美奈)!

anonymous asked:

I didn't see this in the art advice tag so sorry if you've answered this before and I'm just blind lol, but how does one use a clipping mask/layer? I've sorta figured out how to add them, but I don't know where to go from there. (p.s. I love your art style so much, it's so pretty and inspiring ahh)

Hey sorry for late reply!! 

So I’m going to answer this with Fire Alpaca, but the principle is the same in Photoshop/most other programs that involve clipped layers. 

Basically all clipping a layer to another layer means is that any colour applied to the clipped layer ONLY shows up on the layer it’s clipped to. So for example you can shade a layer - say clothing - like crazy outside of the boundary of your actual clothes layer but then just clip it to the actual clothing. See below: 

It’s a very useful feature!!!