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No.  Bad Sans.

Holy bat balls I’m finally continuing my “Just A Head AU!!  So sorry it took so long you guys.  I’m slowly catching up on all these personal projects.  Will be getting onto Undernovela as well.  Sorry for how messy this is.

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The Surrealism or “Fantastic Realism” of  Gustavo Fernandes

Born in Lisbon, 1964. Spent 13 years in Canada, in the periods of 1975/1979 and 1981/1989. Attended the Plastic and Graphic Arts programme at Dawson College and studied the techniques and methods of Betty Edwards’ «Drawing from the Artist within» and «The Natural way to draw» by Nicolides, in Montreal.
In the interim of his two-year stay in Portugal, he works under the guidance of the portrait artist Francisco de Oliveira. His first contacts with the artistic and cultural scenes took place in Montreal, where he had his first exhibitions. He returns to Portugal in 1989 setting up the bases of the Atelier of Artistic Development — Arcos Gallery (Oeiras) which he will consolidate in 1992. In 1993 he is co-founder of the Group Artitude (with Luis Vieira-Baptista, Magnus de Monserrate and Victor Lages). His cultural and professional artistic activities on the market have become autonomous and have evolved since then, yet without losing the individual and close contacts that emerged with the most gratifying synergies of the Group.