1. Dement to Be 
  2. Chaos Rains
  3. Best Friends For Never
  4. Embrace It
  5. Lawful Cone
  6. When a Mantis Loves a Woman
  7. Bigfoot Has So Many Haters
  8. Talk to the Hand
  9. Fur Real
  10. Trollmates

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Neighbourhood colour 

Germen Crew and the government of Mexico joined forces to rehabilitate and beautify the district of Palmitas in Pachuca in Mexico. This project englobes 20 thousand square meters of painted surfaces over 209 houses which will directly benefit 452 families and 1808 people. 

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Everyone knows that Unicorns make rainbows, but it’s not always easy to find a unicorn on short notice. Instructables user Antzy Carmasaic created an awesome paint roller that can paint vibrant 10-color rainbows, which is a huge timesaver when unicorns are scarce. It’s called the Rainbow Roller and Carmasaic created a handy Instructables tutorial to enable anyone else to assemble their very own rainbow-maker.

“One day while just surfing around on the internet, I came across the nyan cat GIF leaving a trail of rainbow in its wake. That got me thinking about how to do the same in the real world. After a bit of trial and experimentation with different types of sponges and paints, I managed to create the rainbow roller as I had imagined it.”

[via Incredible Things and Bored Panda]