Feeling the heat this summer? Try spending the day at “The Gates of Hell.” Summer interns Liz DaCrema and Katie Shulman and associate conservator Kate Cuffari recently completed the annual cleaning of Rodin’s monumental sculpture at the Rodin Museum.

The Gates of Hell,” modeled 1880–1917 by Auguste Rodin, cast 1926–28 by the founder Alexis Rudier, Paris 


Pac-man Tribute: The Wood Spirits by Maria Tiurina

I was commissioned by Namco - the guys behind the original Pac-Man - to create an illustration that would become a part of a permanent exhibition within their brand new Chicago-based entertainment complex called Level 257.

I came up with a version of a famous game concept where the Pac-man is represented by a little girl and the four ghosts are pictured as animal spirits. 

The plot is very simple: little glowy butterflies lure the Pac-girl deep into the woods where the spirits of four majestic animals that were hunted and killed by the girl’s parents a while ago are set to take revenge on the family by killing their only child. A little dark, perhaps?