Specieswap Trollsigns

So I posted my Zodiac Symbols on the Davekat Discord, and after some talking they ended up working well as Trollsigns for the specieswapped kids, I also added a sign for Davesprite and AR for anyone who wants them. they were left grayscale so that you can apply your own headcanons to them. So enjoy these but make sure to credit this post/me if you’re going to use them.

Top Row - John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Crow/Davesprite

Bottom Row - Jane, Roxy, Dirk, Jake, Hal/AR

Sprite Shirt Sized Versions (28px) are posted as individual images for easy saving.



Hey, what if….what if Dirk’s head gets prototyped with AR and we get ARsprite?

(He’d be green because I can’t imagine the kids trekking all the way over to Dirk’s world to prototype his sprite. Jake’s is /right there/) 

I didn’t give him wings because I can’t imagine he would be prototyped the exact same way Davesprite was.