The last quote that I posted may be my favorite quote I have seen. I have always had an abnormal love for fire as a kid when my dad would take me camping I would tend to the fire and I got to the point where I could start fires in the pouring rain. I loved fire to the point where it concerned many people, and to this day I always carry a zippo in my pocket so that I can see a flame dance if I need to. This is not because I am some serial arsonist or whatever all the adults worried that it was a sign of, but because I see fire as some metaphoric symbol of life in The Jungle Book King Louie desires to possess fire because he sees it as the key to man’s success. In Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology Prometheus is cast out and tortured for stealing fire and giving back to man. At least to me fire is the companion of man its what converts water into steam and turn our turbines that power our world, it drives the pistons in most of our vehicles, that shoots from rockets that propel us into space, and on a much smaller scale the combustion reactions that convert the sugars in our foods into CO2 and water. Now that I’ve ranted for a while to me it also is that burning in my chest whenever I'm given a challenge and told that I can’t overcome to give up or just go around, whenever your hard work pays off and that golden glow you feel in your chest burn with pride, of love so profound that you feel like you could challenge God with it, of that uncontrollable rage and anger that burns when I look at the state of the world. We are all born a small flame a light of hope only through feeding that flame do we grow by learning and failing and overcoming odds do we grow and somewhere along the line somehow the fire dies out in some people and they view it as dangerous now because maybe a few loose control and commit atrocities in the chaotic inferno that they have created so they see fit to try and douse the young burning souls to try and keep them from exploding forth upon the earth but in their fear they stop the beauty of change by burning old sentiments, ideas, and philosophies because change is scary but like in large forests where the old dying trees hog the ground and light needed to grow fire comes and clears the way for new generations to grow strong and maybe from these old ideas and traditions do we grow but we shouldn’t let them hinder us because the fire in us needs to burn so we can light the way for the future 

to be honest I started this blog sort of as a diary of sorts but it turned into the place where I just keep begging people don’t stop because as I’m growing I know the temptation to give up but I believe that I have to keep fighting and burning brighter because I remember reading about people who against all odds changed the course of history and their words were what kept a small abused poor child fighting till he could stand on his own and I hope that at least one person hears me screaming into the void and fights on because in everything I see this world needs change but tries to kill it before it can begin because often what we need and what we want are two separate things and the world doesn’t want change but it needs people to stand up and to do what needs to be done so forget shine bright like a diamond you have made it this far burn like the sun, burn so fucking bright that it hurts to look at you just burn for the sake of all that is holy because the world is in need of Heroes and role models because we live in my opinion the most pivotal time in human history and ever soul that has told you that one person can’t make a difference screw them because one person can change history and that includes you but you have to fight for it whatever it is you want to do never let any soul tell you that you can’t you are the fire and change and the bringer of hope and light so long as you continue to fight so please for the sake whatever the hell you want never let that flame die 

trissmeriiigold  asked:

1, 4, 16, 25 :)

1. is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

Okay so ever since I learned about Magnitogorsk and Soviet industrial cities in general, I’ve wanted to write a story about it. I’ve also wanted to write a story about the attempts of industrializing the country during Mao’s China so those two ideas got combined in my head. I feel like this is the kind of thing that needs a lot of research that I haven’t done yet, though, and I want to try and do the idea justice, so I haven’t written anything for that yet. 

I also have a couple of rewrites and an urban fantasy idea kicking around but those don’t have enough shape to count. 

4. favorite character you’ve written

I can’t believe I have to chose a favourite. I don’t think I can chose a favourite. But if I had to… I guess Christopher, my silly wreck of an entitled and insecure arsonist child. He is nearest and dearest to my heart. 

16. are there any characters who haunt you?

I’m not 100% sure what this question means, but I do think about Hamlet a lot. I feel like all my faves are Hamlet style trashy Princely type characters now. I also wrote a lot of Hamlet fanfiction, which I will mention often because I’m still weirdly proud of that. 

Also Adam Parrish. I love Adam Parrish with all my heart. 

25. copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of

Have some Sanna being sassy even when she probably shouldn’t be. 

They flanked her, yanking roughly on the chains binding her wrists. I can hear the clanking, now, heavy as the sound of their marching. Everything echoed in that room, and all eyes were on the slow march as it moved to the raised stand, climbed up the steps. I winced when one of the guards pulled down hard on the chain. Sanna lurched to her knees with a crack, and he locked the metal around a ring just in front of the dais. From here, I could only see her bent back.

Before the guards had even retreated, Sanna’s voice rang out. “My König,” she said. “I would offer you a salute, but I’m afraid I’m not in an ideal position to do so.”

The signs as Town of Salem roles

Aries: Arsonist 

Taurus: Vigilante

Gemini: Consigliere

Cancer: Bodyguard

Leo: Escort

Virgo: Doctor

Libra: Mayor

Scorpio: Witch

Sagittarius: Jester

Capricorn: Godfather

Aquarius: Amnesiac

Pisces: Disguiser

  • Varg Vikernes smiling for the camera while receiving sentence.

In 1994, Vikernes born Kristian Vikernes (11 February 1973) was convicted of stabbing his Mayhem bandmate Øystein Aarseth to death, known by his stage name Euronymous. Vikernes was further convicted of four counts of arson involving the burnings of historic churches, and was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Vikernes was rumored to have been motivated both by paganism and theistic Satanism, but has denied he was ever a Satanist or has any belief in that God (or the Devil) exists. Having served almost 16 years of a 21-year prison sentence, it was announced on 10 March 2009 that Vikernes would be released on parole. On 22 May 2009 Vikernes confirmed that he was released.

This photo was taken by a couple who lived nearby to an abandoned house. The day before, the house caught fire and was almost burnt down to the ground. Arson was suspected, but there was no evidence of gasoline or matches. The story is, that the couple heard screams coming from the house, only to discover it on fire. When the firefighters checked for bodies, there was no one in the house. So who, or what, is in the burnt out attic window when the couple took this photograph?

The charred apartment of mass murderer Pedro Vargas, who set fire to his home before going door to door through the apartment building shooting anyone who he could find. In the end he murdered a total of 6 victims, before finally being killed himself in a fatal shoot out with the police. His motives were unclear, although it was reported that he was generally antisocial and abused steroids.