Done and a little…weird. LOL kinda short, sorry, and sorta abstract? I think. Uh, it’s based off otpdisaster’s prompt “Your OTP kissing deeply as the building behind them explodes in a cataclysmic burst of brilliant flame from the charges they set together inside.” I, myself, am not really clear as to why they’re setting the charge and burning down buildings. The only thing that’s clear is that they love doing it and they love each other. :D Whoo!

“Lucy, are you done?” Natsu yelled into his walkie-talkie as he ran down the hallway of flashing charges.

There was a crackle of static as she replied, “Yeah, I’m on my way out! Meet you at the front?”

“Roger that!”

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i am an arsonist
and how dare you toss your
own bones into the bonfire
love letters crackling into smoke and emptiness
in the air and your fingers are 
aching to play with the ashes in my hair
black and numb is smeared onto
everything i want to touch; your
hands are not 
even mine to hold DON’T YOU 
dare make firewood out of the
flowers in your heart 
all you know is the warmth of 
the sun and 
if it hurts,

you don’t have to watch
if you just promise me you'll 
run when i set myself alight

- just girls, Sarah A.

Scare Away The Dark 

A playlist of some of my current and all time favorite songs. 

someone new- hozier
papaoutai- stromae
devil’s backbone- the civil wars
apple pie- flannel graph
27- passenger
shut up and dance- walk the moon
ain’t no rest for the wicked- cage the elephant
arsonist’s lullabye- hozier
still into you- paramore
you and i- ingrid michaelson
the wire- haim
things we lost in the fire- bastille
dust to dust- the civil wars
savages- marina and the diamands
scare away the dark- passenger
wonderland- taylor swift

The signs as Town of Salem roles

Aries: Arsonist 

Taurus: Vigilante

Gemini: Consigliere

Cancer: Bodyguard

Leo: Escort

Virgo: Doctor

Libra: Mayor

Scorpio: Witch

Sagittarius: Jester

Capricorn: Godfather

Aquarius: Amnesiac

Pisces: Disguiser

I grew up in a family of medicine, my father was a doctor and my mother was a therapist,
my older sister wanted to cure cancer
I grew up in a family learning how to fix people.
but I was born with a gasoline heart and fire in my soul,
and even the doctors didn’t know how to fix me
people are drawn to light and all my life I was told how beautiful the flames in my eyes were
and I cried sparks, begging them
don’t come too close
you don’t want to get burned
I had the intentions of the doctor
to fix and mend and make well
but the actions of the arsonist
leaving burns on the fingertips of the lovers who tried to reach inside my heat-resistant rib cage
didn’t your mother tell you not to play with fire?
My firework bones ache with the weight of gunpowder,
love will be the lighter that will cause me to explode
so light me and run.
watch it burst and shatter, and appreciate the beauty for a few precious seconds
before it fades to nothing and falls to the earth.
but get out of the way; get out of the way,
because all I know is love like a flame that dies out too fast
and all I know is destruction.
I can’t make this fire go out.
my passion for anything and everything is painful, but so very alive.
and even the ocean in my brain cannot douse me,
put me out
because all I would be is ashes.
so let me burn.
let me burn as you watch from a safe
100 feet
look at the matchstick girl with bittersweet awe,
so bright but so alone
i’ll continue to write these words with my wooden fingers, until my heart catches the paper
alight and my words twist into black smoke
gone, coughing and choking on the destiny of no one ever reading
what goes on inside the heart of the girl on fire.
and to the brave souls who come towards me with my flames reflected in their shining love-struck eyes
I will stare back and open my charred lips,
flames licking from the corners of my mouth and red-hot tongue, telling them,
didn’t your mother tell you not to play with fire?
—  a-metaphor-for-reality, matchstick girl

he comes once the moon rises, armed with his flame thrower and nothing else. he’s credited with over 120 arson attacks, mostly on important government buildings, but sometimes he burns innocent civilians like yourself. they say something in him snapped years ago and now he kills and sets fire without mercy

he sees you standing there, fear and shock in your eyes. he slowly turns towards you, flame thrower blazing, and looks you straight in the eyes. you can’t seem to make words or even screams come out. then he lowers his head, eyes still locked on yours, grins, and extends his lips in a noot.

you start running.