Confessions. A fanmix for end and post game Anders. [Art credit]

[Part 1] The Last Straw.
Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier // Golden Age - Woodkid // The Hanging Tree - James Newton Howard (ft. Jennifer Lawrence) // Black Eyes - Radical Face // Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde // Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine // Blood on my name - The Brothers Bright // Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons  

[Part 2] Atonement.
The Lament of Eustace Scrubb - The Oh Hellos // Medicine - Daughter //  Ladder Song - Bright Eyes // Beekeeper - Keaton Henson // Confessions - City & Colour // I Have Made Mistakes - The Oh Hellos // Dustbowl Dance - Mumford and Sons

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So how bout them danger days head cannons??


ok so

  • ghoul is an arsonist– if they are mad or upset they light fires or set fire to old warehouses that are empty/ridden down
  • like seriously because bl/ind is so strict about being “”””normal”””” queer n trans ppl are automatically not accepted bc cishet is like standard in that society like if ur queer then all they try to do is get you to take medication 2 change ur feelings but if ur trans basically they tell you to go out to the desert
  • ghoul was w/ the main ‘joys when they were like 12/13 because they were so sick of all the transphobia and stuff so they needed to leave so they were smol and jet was like the Ultimate Dad™ to them
  • bl/ind takes over the whole USA in like 2020 or sometime in the early 2020′s
  • and the ‘joys on the east coast hide in forests and mountains
  • but the ‘joys from california always have a backup plan to go all the way up into canada or something to seek refuge if things get too bad and they can’t keep running anymore
  • poison & ghoul have a queer platonic relationship bc poison is aro
  • jet is a mother bird to all of them
  • kobra is a smol bab and also !!!!!!!!! trans boy kobra kid pls n thanks
  • the youngbloods are also in the desert but they dont cross w/ the ‘joys until late 2019
  • when there’s a drought everyone comes together and gets all the liquid they can get even if there are rivalries between groups
  • trans boy kobra and genderfluid pete r the best couple in the zones 4 ever
  • patrick and joe hang out with ghoul all the time and they’re all Bros
  • andy and jet are the two parents of both the groups tbh
  • tons and tons of trading goes on in the zones because there isn’t a way to get money
  • a lot of times task forces are set up to go into battery city and get hormones for ppl who are on T or on estrogen
  • ghoul managed to carry their old acoustic guitar from when they lived in battery city and they break it out and let patrick, joe, and jet play whenever they have some down time
  • everyone does their best to celebrate each others birthdays because its the one time of the year where they can actually be happy and have no worries
moody playlist

1. Holocene - Bon Iver
2. Wash - Bon Iver
3. Arsonists Lullaby - Hozier
4. Breezeblocks- Alt J
5. Mess is Mine - Vance Joy
6. Bloodstream (acoustic) - Ed Sheeran
7. Work Song - Hozier
8. Warm Water - Banks
9. Exit (music for a film) - Radiohead
10. Talk Show Host - Radiohead
11. Youth - Daughter
12. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
13. Video Games - Lana Del Ray
14. Lion’s Roar - First Aid Kit
15. Stay Gold - First Aid Kit

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(This was in rapid mode, there were some evil roles, and a TON of Amnesiacs.) I was Arsonist Puns, and I made a LOT of Arsonist Puns. I was voted up on D2 due to my puns, and lynched by my new friend. I was the Serial Killer, then EVERY. SINGLE. AMNESIAC. Remembered they were sk. I literally had this army, and in the end, it was 2 Sks and the Gf. We won, and it was greatness. To celebrate? PUNS.


by silveriris

Calpernia, as he found out recently, is not a morning person. / drabble

Words: 930, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Arsonist’s Lullabye

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Veteran and unobservant Arsonist

In my last game as Veteran, there were 3 transporters an I got transported night 1-3 and each night one transporter dies, but only night 2 and 3 were my doing, sicne I alerted nights 2-4. My first Alert killed only a transporter, my second Alert gave me the party Archievment (killing Mafioso, Sk and third trans) und that night (3) died the helpful Werewolf, who killed the Godfather, by our Vigilante. I don’t remember who or if we hung that day, but after nigth 4 there were only three people left, since the last remaining Maf visited me on my last Alert.

THat day we made a rolecall, mine was already obvious, since I outed myself already with how I was saying things. The other two players called Vigilante and Lookout, that latter was obviously lying since the Vig was prooven by the death of the Werewolf, which was shot. The the ‘Lookout’ posted their will in which he would have visited me on night 3. Since I was alerting that night he would have died, so I thought. We hung him and won, the dead called me 'MVP’ this game.

While I was typing I realized that the will was a good fake, since I was transported that night, so everyone visiting me (except for the poor Transporter) did not die. Yay for being that dumb and not thinking about that, but still the Arso had made the mistake of calling a role, when all remaining roles were known.

he comes once the moon rises, armed with his flame thrower and nothing else. he’s credited with over 120 arson attacks, mostly on important government buildings, but sometimes he burns innocent civilians like yourself. they say something in him snapped years ago and now he kills and sets fire without mercy

he sees you standing there, fear and shock in your eyes. he slowly turns towards you, flame thrower blazing, and looks you straight in the eyes. you can’t seem to make words or even screams come out. then he lowers his head, eyes still locked on yours, grins, and extends his lips in a noot.

you start running.