3 days.

Tatlong araw kaming hindi makakapag usap ng maayos. Pupunta kasi ako sa Bataan e. Walang signal. :( Natatakot kasi ako e, natatakot ako na baka sa tatlong araw na yun makalimutan niya ko. Yung magabago ang lahat. Takot lungs ako. -,-“ OA ko ano? Paranoid ako masyado. Nakakainis lang. Eto pala yung message niya sakin last monday ata?

Wag maxado magalala asawako.relax ka lang dun baby ha.hnd ako gagawa ng kalokohan promise.kakain ako lge hnd ako mgppgbe.ttx ko lht ng ggwin ko kht dmo hndng hnd kta kklimutn mahal at mgprmdm ako.pangako

K. Natakot lang talaga ko. :S eto pa pala, napangiti niya ko dito

babyko wag matakot ha.mahal k ng asawa mo.mahal k ng renzo mo.

Ganyan naman siguro mararamdaman mo kung araw araw kayong nag kakausap ng mahal mo, walang skip. Nakakalungkot lang kasi mahirap ang communication sa Bataan. Mahina signal ng globe. Natatakot lang talaga ko. Sorry, nagiging OA nanaman ako. Palagi pala. lol. Ay ewan! :):

Excited ako kasi makaka experience nanaman ako ng camp, through God’s grace ♥ natutuwa lang ako kasi bago magpasukan, alam kong hinde ako pinapabayaan ng Lord. Alam ko naman may purpose si Lord kung bakit niya ko gusto papuntahin dun sa Bataan. Alam ko din na mag eenjoy ako, kahit hinde ganon ka enjoy kasi hinde kami makapg usap ng maayos. Maaga pa gigising bukas, pero gusto ko munang kausapin si Renzo. :”“>

Good night Tumblr. ♥

I’ll fight my doubt and give faith to myself.

Update about my fics...

I’m currently writing the final chapter of ‘A Really Sexy Mess…’ and will hopefully post it tonight!

After that, I’m back on 'A Poor Man’s Sherlock’ which I will see through to the end… no matter how far away that might be. This isn’t going be resolved any time soon, I don’t think. However, my updates should be coming in every few days, at least once or twice a week!

I’ll be writing an original fiction novel in November again for NaNoWriMo, but I’ve decided to do the 30 Day OTP Challenge as well… that way I’ll always have something which will easily give me my 1667 words each day even if I’m stuck on a section of my novel. So, you can look forward to that happening between November 1-30. It will be updated each and every day during November… probably a solid mix of porn and fluff.

Also, if you enjoyed 'Faithful’… After my novel in Nov, I’ll be converting that fic into a full length novel with original characters (since my AU characters were only barely Sherlock and John anyway). No, I’m not '50 Shades of Grey'ing it… I’ll be taking a 14.5k fic and expanding it to an 80k+ novel. So, I feel pretty comfortable in that decision.

My 2nd novel should be published in Nov. My 3rd and 4th will hopefully both be published in 2013! Exciting stuff… at least for me! So, there’s your update. Congrats if you actually read all of that!

A few things:

Doctor Who:

I re-watched Doctor Who S05E01 to look for clues re: the Ponds’ farewell. Other than Rory’s badge saying 1990… the only other major things were mentions of ‘like a fairy tale’… apples… and that fucking staircase to the 3rd floor of a 2-story house (which will never cease to creep me the fuck out). Her apple had a message on it like in Sherlock, but unless she intends to jump off a roof… no, never mind…

Fanfiction (see below)

A Really Sexy Mess…:

I’m almost done with chapter 2. It took forever because I got a bit lost. The characters were leading me somewhere I didn’t think I wanted to be, and I was resisting. When I started to blindly follow their lead, everything went fine again. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson… You never FORCE your characters to do anything. If you’re making them do things, you might just be doing it wrong. At least, that’s how it works with me. I’ll never resist what they tell me again. It WILL go up tonight.

A Poor Man’s Sherlock:

Because people are asking. When chapter 2 of ARSM is done, I will start on the next chapter of APMS. I know reasonably how it’s going to go too, and I expect it to go fairly quickly. That said, I have a stupidly busy weekend. So, it MIGHT go up this weekend, or it might have to wait until Monday night. It depends on how tired I am, how productive I am, and how chatty my muses and characters are.

I think that’s all. Thanks for being SO patient with my fics. I know it’s taking me ages, but that’s because I hold my fic to a fairly high standard. I won’t write something for the sake of saying it’s done. In fact, I CANNOT write something just for the sake of saying it’s done. I don’t even know how. Words for the sake of words are a waste of time, energy, and creativity. So, waiting just means I’m working harder for your enjoyment! <3 I love you all!