So… Anton said “I love you so much” to Arseniy and i’m fucking dead. If you want to know the reason why Russian girls crying all night long…here it is. Oh yeah also it’s the biggest Russian gay ship fandom. You are welcome.

Situation : two tourists got lost in the forest.
Guest - Anna Khilkevich
Improvisation “Options”. Actors are going to improvise a sketch on the topic Pavel Volya gives them. And as it goes, Pasha will get options for them to change their acting and the sketch significantly. These options he’ll get from the guest.


OK guys, it’s time. Let me show you the most popular gay-ship in Russia ARTON. They from one TV show called “Improvisation”, and the name of this show tells you everything about what is going on there. It’s so fucking funny show actually. I just think that world should know about Anton Shastoon & Arseniy Popov… Ah, guys, there’s so many gay shit in this show. BTW, Sorry for my English.