pups-art  asked:

Do u have any ocs? :0

this ask has been gathering dust in my askbox for so long… i’m sorry pups ;_;

Yes, i have many ocs, which are part of a story that has been uh… my main focus in the past. so, today I decided to doodle a couple of chars from it! I will probably draw more, if you’re interested. let me introduce them

this is Joan G.B. Kiswar. He is a bad priest and an arsenist. Represents one of the cardinal sins (Pride) and my destructive love.

Rosemary, 14 years old and an innocent soul. Represents one of three virtues (i don’t remember, probably Faith) and all the positive friendships I had in life.

and to conclude there’s a little concept:

These are the Hypostases, they represent the three parts of psychic apparatus. they are the tier forms of certain groups of characters. Like, for example, Joan is a part of St. John (Id), and Rosemary is a part of Ellen (Superego).

Let me know if you’d like to learn more about this world I’ve created, hehe//