“Every moment that we were together
Was a celebration, like Epiphany,
In all the World the two of us alone.
You were bolder, lighter than a bird’s wing,
Heady as vertigo you ran downstairs
Two steps at a time, and led me
Through damp lilac, into your domain
On the other side, beyond the mirror.”

First Meetings
A. Tarkovsky


“My sight, which was my power, now blurs
Two invisible diamond spears;
My hearing subsides, full of ancient thunder
And the breathing of the house of my father.
The knots of tough muscles slacken
Like grey oxen, lax in the ploughed field;
The wings behind my shoulders yield
No light when evening darkens.

I am a candle. I burned at the feast.
Gather my wax when morning arrives
So that this page will prompt you
How to be proud, and how to weep,
How to give away the last third
Of happiness, and to die with ease—
And beneath a temporary roof
To burn posthumously, like a word.”

—A poem by Russian poet Arseny Tarkovsky recited in Nostalghia (1983) directed by Andrei Trkovsky.