Follow forever, friendship edition:

  • rebellatrix: My sister is my best friend in the world, and someone that I spend more time with than should probably be allowed. How she deals with me on a regular basis I can’t even begin to know. I would never have done this adventure without her, whether that was reading comics, getting a tumblr, or daring to venture out of my comfort zone at all. If you like me at all, my sister is probably the reason why you’ve gotten that chance. Also, you know, she runs a fantastic blog that has lots of DC stuff so if you’re into that. ;)
  • arseniclace: Probably my best friend on tumblr (and one of my favorite people in general), Ashley has been a delight to know from the start. She’s smart and excited and always fun to talk to (Sasshley is apt). I would probably not have watched nearly as much anime this year if not for her, and watching that has been really beneficial for me. Not to mention watching it with HER has always been a delight. I’m just really thankful that out there in the northwest Ashley exists, probably giving sunshine to all the people she knows.
  • teen-worf: JULIA. Julia’s probably the person that is the newest to my list of friends on tumblr but like. What was I without Julia? What was my blog without Julia? Delightfully funny, and smarter than she’ll ever give herself credit. I don’t know another blog that I can go to and receive both hellblogging and great insight in posts right next to each other. I want Julia to watch everything I like because somehow, discussing them with her makes the experience even more rewarding for me. Her thoughts reflected on what I like illuminate my enjoyment of whatever media even more. I love Julia even though she posts JarJar Binks sex, and that’s saying something.
  • saltbender: LORI. Lori came into my life around this time last year? Talking about my Bucky/Nat posts that I filled the tags for. Passionate, snarky, and just as salty as her url suggests, Lori’s posts are always on point and a delight to read. She won’t take your shit, and she will skewer people that are just…. well, wrong. But I can also go to Lori’s inbox with all caps sobbing about Bucky/Nat or something to that affect and know that I’ll receive it in kind. She’s also more sweet than she’ll say (don’t tell her I said that).
  • heliotropo: I’ve said before that I think Serena is sunshine that’s been coalesced into a person and I still stand by that. Always kind, smart, and loving Serena has been someone on tumblr who’s made a huge impact on me and made my life all the better for it. Honestly, if there’s one person on tumblr who could make you a better person just for knowing her, it would be Serena.
  • peterquills: RENNE. I love Renne so much? She’s cranky about all the right things (or, well, wrong things. When ppl are wrong), she writes delightful fic at the drop of a hat, and she’s passionate about all things Bucky Barnes. Renne’s thoughts are always poignant and succinct, delivered in a way that makes me laugh 90% of the time.
  • dissociate: Jess! Lover of Sooraya, and someone I can go to if I ever need to cry about my NXM babies. I love Jess because she’s passionate and excited, even in times and places where I feel I’ve become cynical or jaded. Jess is always fun to talk to and just be happy and excited about stuff.
  • laurawhatareyoudoing: Did u know that Laura is probably the person that has been following me the longest? That still, you know, follows me. I love Laura, ya’ll. She’s one of the people on tumblr that makes me think the most with what she posts, and reflect on myself, allowing me to realize things both positive and negative that I hadn’t thought of before. Plus there is no one else on tumblr that I can readily talk to about Wonderfalls and the delightful thing that is Lee Pace’s face and eyebrows. 

Annnnnd people I don’t talk to as much? But I think are great will follow till the end of days (and hope that, maybe, eventually, we’ll be great friends soon!):

Also everyone that I mutually follow is getting a mention, because I’m sure in my haste that I’ve forgotten someone important in trying to keep this concise. Everyone I follow makes me happy to be here, so if you weren’t singled out it’s entirely on my shoulders and not yours. My fingers are getting tired from typing, so I probably missed you out of my own laziness unfortunately.

Thanks for making tumblr great. Every person I follow back (and likely ppl I don’t yet, but should) is an absolute delight. Thank you, honestly, for making this experience an overwhelmingly positive one.


 hope & nathan
nathan christopher summers was born into a battle. and his life was a war. all the time i knew him, he grabbed sleep in ten-minute stretches. ate with his back to a wall. never sat still long enough to make an easy target. you know what i mean. all of you know what i mean. he was a soldier. to the last ounce and inch of him, cable was a soldier. and there are three blessings a soldier prays for. to fight for things that matter–things that are real. to find comrades who he loves and trusts, to fight alongside him, and to die on his feet. my dad got three for three. so don’t cry for him. n-nobody. nobody needs to cry for nathan summers.


happy birthday, ash bash! i’ve only known you for a few months, but i’ve had a lot fun judging people for their lack of photoshop skills, and watching anime with you!!! thank you for introducing me to the nxm, reading gotg for me, and putting up with my salt in general (you like it i KNOW you do dont pretend) i hope jeanne and laura rent an apartment and have a lot of sex in honor of your existence and such~  you’re the emotionless murder princess washer to my dryer, and i hope you have a fantastic year, i love you! (◕‿◕✿)


Do you know who’s birthday it is???

None other than the delightful, lovely, and adorable Ashley.

Ash, you’re my oldest tumblr friend and you’re someone that I will always hold dear. You’re so smart, honest, and funny that I think it’s easy for anyone to be drawn to you. I can’t count the amount of laughs I had when we used to do our anime watches.

I know we haven’t been able to talk as much as we used to with you working so hard, but in the times we get to speak I’m reminded by just how impressed I am with you as a person and how fortunate I am to count you as a friend.

I hope your 21st is as fantastic as you are, bb.

Tumblr Crushes:

Lol if you combined all of Ashley’s blogs she would be in second. But as it stands, Grumpy Rose is still grumpy about being second. Forever the bridesmaid~


I will download these now, guys. Thank you so much. :’)


arseniclace replied to your post: Does anybody have any suggestions for fun comics…

Alsoo: Incredible Hercules #112-141 which costars the 7th smartest person in the world, AMADEUS CHO. Mighty Avengers #21-36 - you get a panel of Hank telling Reed IT’S ON BITCH!, Avengers: The Initiative - more kids, though ending of 1 is eek!

I will read these too! I’ve heard wonderful things about Amadeus Cho. And I want to read The Initiative, but I’ll wait just a bit. I’m really not in the emotional state for sad things for now, but in once Thanksgiving has past I’ll probably finish New X-Men and then give The Initiative a go.

arseniclace asked:

Also top 5 fav things about Laura!!

  • The fact that she could have been a victim but most definitely is not (&, by the right writers, is never treated as just A Victim)
  • Her selflessness (even if I sometimes wish she would think of herself first?)
  • Her resilience and strength (mostly emotionally, but the physical stuff is badass too lbr)
  • Her enormous heart
  • Also everything else about Laura Kinney

Hey wow Ashley turned twenty today!!!

You should all go send her lots of happy birthday messages!!! You should reblog/post lots of comic book friendships!!! Rogue/Gambit!!! Avengers Academy!!! Chihayafuru!!! Rinne no Lagrange!!! All to let her know that she is loved~

No but really Ash is one of my best (and also favorite) friends on this site. She’s really helped make tumblr fun, and has always been willing to talk with me, whether it’s gossip or getting salty or over something serious. She’s sweet and funny and always honest, and I really do consider her one of my best friends

She loves teen heroes and ladies and teen heroes that are ladies and ~romance and adorable things. So you should go wish her a happy birthday (and follow her if you don’t already)!

Happy Birthday Sasshley!