“Arsenal have finished above Tottenham for more than two decades. Have won the Premier League title twice at White Hart Lane and the rivarly is just most intense than ever. Players that have played for both teams make the atmosphere electric when they return to play against their former team. Tottenham fans have never forgave then club captain Sol Campbell for leaving on a free transfer and he went on to become an Arsenal legend. When these players return to their old home grounds, they recieve plenty of abuse from the supporters and they want their team to win to get one over on the player and the other club. This is more than just a derby”.


5 years ago today (9 January 2012), The King Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal and scored the late and only goal to beat Leeds in The FA Cup 3rd round. His goal on his second debut for the club was almost written in the stars for the Arsenal legend. Henry described the feeling as amazing and the first time he had scored for the club as a fan, and not just a player

The Huntress (Part 1/2)

Summary: You are a vigilante that meets Arrow one night. Silliness and fluff ensues.

A/N: Since there is already a pretty prominent character in the show called Shadow I changed the name a bit. Hope that is okay! (Set in Season 3)

Word Count: 1589

Warnings: crappily written fight scenes and some cussing

Part 2 (x)

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