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after rewatching the four PVs countless times, i’m both happy and sad to say that i think i was able to piece together the sequence of events in persona 5. this made me realize just how much information atlus actually released about the game through the PVs; all you have to do is arrange them in an order that makes sense and analyze how they connect. even though people might think i spoiled myself in this process, it actually increased my excitement and hype for the game!

disclaimer/warning: obviously, these are, first and foremost, speculations. i’m not claiming any of this as fact; just my own speculations made by observing and taking note of the details of the game. read at your own risk because i’m serious about this being full of spoilers; the only part it does not touch on is the last party member yet to be revealed. also, this is an extremely image-heavy post.

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Hux is the perfect character for an Extended Disarming sequence.

“A character is told to drop all his weapons, or is frisked. He lays down the shotgun, takes the pistol or pistols out of their holsters, and drops them onto the ground. Then the gun from the shoulder holster, the smaller concealed pistol in the ankle holster, the extra magazines, the hunting knife from his belt, the combat knife strapped to his leg, the switchblade, the tear gas, the butterfly knife, the grenades…

Quite often, the disarmed character will have one more small weapon they kept concealed on their person anyway, secure in the fact that with the large number they gave up already, nobody would even think that there was more.”

Come on guys, get on this level.